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Star Citizen 2.5 Update Goes Live With Gameplay Videos And Trailers

For those of you that just casually follow Star Citizen updates, you may not be aware that the new 2.5 update has now launched and has officially gone live.

The developers released a new trailer on their YouTube channel on August 25th, 2016, to announce the arrival of their new 2.5 update. Take a look at the trailer that I linked down below.

There were several skeptics in the comments section on the YouTube video page saying that when the game releases you won’t be able to do a lot of the stuff shown in the above video. Several players quickly came to Star Citizen’s defense and countered saying that everything shown in the above trailer you can actually do in the 2.5 update, and as further proof, released some new gameplay videos a few days ago to show the new 2.5 update in action.

Before I link the new videos, let’s quickly do a rundown of what’s included in this new update. The 2.5 update includes the following:

  • The headbob movements have been smoothed out for a more natural and less nauseating motion.
  • Slight improvement with FPS (framerate) and the animations. However, players still report major lag stutters and massive FPS drops. Optimization still needs a bit more work.
  • Additionally, the Reliant Kore spaceship as well as the Argo MPUV utility vehicle has been added as flyable vehicles.
  • The derelict port of GrimHex has been added, which is an outlaw base for Wanted players, they will now spawn here after they have been killed in battle. The cool part is that there is only a small part of this port that is a safety zone, the rest of the station is open for combat.
  • Improved (easier) Landing System.
  • Last but not least, Star Citizen 2.5 has several bug fixes.


The above video showcases the GrimHex outlaw base and takes you on a small virtual tour so that you can get familiar with its design. Apparently, the Grimhex base is built inside of a hollowed out Asteroid, and due to parts of the base being a destroyed derelict, gravity is offline and there is little to no power in the destroyed areas of the base, making the port a bit dangerous to navigate alone.

Want to see more of the Spaceships? Make sure to also check out the MISC Reliant Kore spaceship trailer video down below as well.

Looks cool, right? However, Star Citizen still isn’t perfect and quite a few errors and glitches still exist while the development team works out the bugs. The below YouTube video posted by TheXPGamers, recaps the new features added while also showing some of the major glitches and bugs that still exists in game. Check out that video down below.

Players report that the random exploding ships and the hardcore FPS drops that brings the game to a standstill makes the game almost unplayable in its current state, but YouTuber Dan Gheesling recorded about 25 minutes of Star Citizen 2.5 gameplay footage, showing off space battles, a black box recovery mission, as well as footage of him customizing his HORNET spaceship with new weapons.

Although Star Citizen’s 2.5 update still has quite a few bugs and glitches, the below video also shows us just how far along the game has actually come together.

Just to confirm, the update is now officially live and part of the current public build. If you already have the game you can download the patch and jump right in to play.

For more information about Star Citizen’s new 2.5 update, head on over to their official website for further details and information to learn about everything this new update has to offer.

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