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Star Fox Zero: How To Access All Secret Paths

Some gamers are already blasting through Star Fox Zero and wondering what they missed in the game to only have beaten a handful of the stages? Well, it turns out that the eight main missions are just some of the levels that the game has to offer. Some guides have surfaced detailing how to unlock and access all the secret paths and missions tucked away in Star Fox Zero.

YouTube outlet GameXplain does a fine job of breaking down how to access those hidden levels all within the span of just two and a half minutes. You can check out the video below.

Through the main playthrough of the game for the first time, if you just complete each mission normally you’ll play through Corneria, Sector a (or Alpha), Area 3, Zoness, Sector b (or Beta), Sector Omega, Cornera 2 and Venom.

In order to access Aquarosa you’ll need to unlock the secret pathway in Corneria, which is only possible after completing Sector Beta and unlocking the portal that will appear in Corneria and Titania. Replay Corneria and when you reach the locked gate in the mountain passage on the right, turn into the walker and activate the switch just in front of the locked gate to open it and head inside. You’ll need to clear off the spider robots on the ship and then follow the pathway to the portal to Aquarosa.

You can then access Satellite Mission 1 and Satellite Mission 3 by completing the Aquarosa mission. According to the video, you can only choose to do one of the two missions after completing Aquarosa, so you’ll need to replay Aquarosa again to do both missions.

If you choose to do Satellite Mission 1, you’ll then instantly gain access to the Asteroid Field mission.

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In order to access the Titania mission, you’ll need to let Star Wolf shoot down Peppy during the Sector Beta mission. Once Star Wolf does this, you’ll proceed to Titania.

If you complete Titania successfully you’ll move on to Sector Gamma, and if you complete Sector Gamma successfully you’ll unlock Fichina. It’s pretty straightforward and those additional two missions won’t require any special hoops to jump through.

As for Salvadora… you will have to jump through a few hoops to access it. First, you’ll need to complete vanilla Titania and then complete Fichina to access the Gravmaster transformation in addition to the Landmaster transformation; beating Fichina also unlocks a new portal in Titania. Proceed to head back to Titania and reach the area where you’ll see a giant purple portal in the sky. Transform into the Gravmaster and fly directly toward the purple portal to head to Salvadora.

If you want to access Fortuna, you’ll need to beat Salvadora… alternatively you can dogfight Star Wolf in Sector Beta and defeat him before he shoots down Peppy. This will unlock Fortuna.

If you play through the game enough after unlocking Fortuna, there will be a notification that Star Wolf is visiting Fortuna, and if you head there and lock onto him as soon as you see him he’ll take you to the hidden Hunter mission stage.

Up next is Wolfen… and to unlock this secret mission, you’ll need to progress through the game as usual until you receive a notification that a member of Star Wolf has appeared at Sector Alpha. Proceed to Sector Alpha and lock onto Star Wolf instantly, but don’t shoot. If you do it correctly he’ll guide you to the Wolfen stage.

If you successfully beat the Wolfen stage you’ll then automatically proceed to and unlock the Great Fox stage.

Star Fox Zero is available right now alongside Star Fox Guard for the Wii U. You can grab a copy of the game from the digital eShop or from local retailers. Also, feel free to check out the  complete walkthrough of Star Fox Zero if you need help with any of the other levels.

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