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1409060cookie-checkStardew Valley Slated To Gain Multiplayer; Console Version Arrives With Update 1.1

Stardew Valley Slated To Gain Multiplayer; Console Version Arrives With Update 1.1

The announcement of version 1.1 for Stardew Valley is currently featured on the front page of the game’s official website, and calls for some interesting content for the Harvest Moon-like farming sim. The PC game will soon gain console versions, as well as multiplayer functions in the near future.

Making an appearance early this year, the farming game grew in popularity quite quickly and managed to move over one million units. As of now, the dev made a post that reveals a nice “substantial content update,” for those who are new to the game and for long time followers.

In addition to this, the developer Eric Barone, kindly took to the game’s blog site to announce some of his thoughts about the game, and gratitude to the community. Aside from that, he also dropped vital information that, I bet, will quench many fans’ thirst.

For those that enjoy gaming on consoles, they will have a nice treat coming to them since the devs noted that they will be adding console support for the game — which will probably land on the Xbox One and PS4 — although a lot of fans want a PS Vita port. Mac and Linux support will also arrive around the same time with update 1.1, which at this moment doesn’t have an official release date.

Additionally, the blog post also covers the co-op and multiplayer aspect, which will allow more than one player to interact with the world. This mean that lonely farmers will now have the option to accompany themselves with another helper, which in other words, will help speed things along.

Looking over to the localization and porting side, the publisher of Stardew Valley will help with distributing those features, while the developers work on achieving all the hard technical stuff that includes new content, farming and marriage features.

If you want to read and get the full rundown on the upcoming update/version 1.1, you can head on over to Those that want to play the game, it’s currently available for $14.99 on Steam.

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