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1449350cookie-checkSteam Hammer, Steampunk 3D RPG Enters Beta Testing

Steam Hammer, Steampunk 3D RPG Enters Beta Testing

An open-world, 3D, sandbox, non-targeting RPG from Big Way Games called Steam Hammer has just entered into beta. The game is available right now for only $11.99 from the game’s website.

The beta can be downloaded from over on the official Steam Hammer website.

The game completely took me by surprise given how good it looks and the quality of the character designs and weapons.

You can check out the official beta video below to get an idea of what the actual gameplay is like.

Within the 40 seconds of the game’s trailer, we see how players can work together to build up a town, craft weapons, build airships and courney throughout the game world.

The game was originally on Steam Greenlight back in the middle of 2016, and the developers have finally made enough progress to make the beta playable for the general public.

The free PvP mechanics means that there are no safety zones, and anyone can kill anyone.

I wonder how long that’s going to stay in place before some people begin to complain about it and it gets patched?

The steampunk weapons, vehicles, armor and structures make it look like a really cool game.


Some parts of the game also remind me a lot of Guns of Icarus, especially as players will have the ability to craft their own steam-powered airship and take to the skies to venture about the land, as well as battle other players by using the on-board weapons.

Much like Conan Exiles, modular buildings can be crafted to serve various purposes, and there’s also the ability to make motorcycles, staffs, electric melee weapons, Tesla-powered generators, and even firearms.

You can hop into the beta now, or you can sit back and wait for the game to complete development and then buy the full version when it’s ready.

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