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Steins; Gate, Sci-Fi Visual Novel Finally Makes Its Steam Debut

After years of being celebrated and praised within the inner circles of the visual novel and anime community, Steins; Gate has finally made its way to Steam so PC gamers can take an opportunity to experience one of the most talked about visual novels in the genre.

The time-bending tale features a non-linear story that that evolves and changes based on the multiple decisions that you make throughout the journey. It’s on average a 30 through 50 hour experience, offering readers and interactive visual novel enthusiasts rewarding endings based on those decisions.

Otaku USA Magazine posted up the Steam trailer to give you look at the art and a brief explanation of the story.

Nitro Plus and Mages have been working to give the Visual Novel proper treatment on the PC.

The core gist of Steins; Gate centers around a small group of erudite technophiles who find out that they can alter time through a modified microwave. A conspiracy ensues when a particle accelerator, a man claiming to be from the future and a shadowy organization all get involved.

Steins; Gate features 1080p full HD illustrated art, along with the dynamic phone trigger system that allows players to alter time by answering or replying to certain calls from a time-manipulating cell phone.

It should come as no surprise that the sci-fi visual novel has already packed a punch on Steam and carries a very positive user review rating, despite carrying the hefty price tag of $34.99. Many gamers love the art, the complex story and the lengthy play time.

There are a few people who note that the JAST translation is still the better translation and that gamers should potentially wait for things to get ironed out in the Steam version of Steins; Gate before diving into it for the purchase, but the majority of everyone else enjoys the title. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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