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1453040cookie-checkStrange Brigade Is A 4-Player Co-op Romp Through A 1930s Safari

Strange Brigade Is A 4-Player Co-op Romp Through A 1930s Safari

Strange Brigade is Rebellion’s latest action-shooter game to be announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It follows the same formula as the Sniper Elite games, only this time around your opponents consist of an army of the undead, giant mystical monsters, and plenty of skeletons.

The game was announced with an old-school trailer themed after the pulp fiction from the 1930s. You can check out the trailer below, which highlights the four main playable characters, including a manly looking black chick in tribal wear, another masculine chick in overalls imitating Rosie the Rivetor, a soldier in what looks like an Ottoman uniform from World War I, and an inventor or adventurer of some sort. You can check out the trailer below.

The game is labeled as “coming soon” for home consoles and PC.

It’s pretty obvious that they’re going to be using the Zombies Trilogy setup for the core gameplay based on the weapons and the way they portrayed the enemies.

I was kind of hoping for a more slowed-down, methodical adventure horror experience. The game will see players traveling through the remotest areas of the British occupied empire during the 1930s, as players will attempt to defeat the resurrected Egyptian witch who has raised an undead army on her behalf.

We don’t get to see any actual gameplay in the teaser reveal trailer, but according to the press release we’ll find out a lot more about the game during the reveal set to take place at E3 next week in Los Angeles, California.

Hopefully it’s an actual game with actual progress and adventuring and not just another arena-style, strafe-and-shoot zombie game that we’ve been pelted with for years on end now. Judging by the trailer I’m not holding out a whole lot of hope.

Anyway, expect to see more at E3 next week or stay tuned in via the game’s official website.

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