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1449960cookie-checkStreet Fighter 5 Trailer Introduces The Fabulously Devastating Ed

Street Fighter 5 Trailer Introduces The Fabulously Devastating Ed

The Psycho-power wielding pretty boy, Ed, will be joining the roster of Street Fighter V soon enough. Gamers can beta test the new character between May 11th and May 14th for free on the PlayStation 4.

If you don’t know who Ed is, he’s introduced with a infectiously catchy rap song and a collage of neatly edited segments showcasing his amazing footwork and close quarters boxing skills. You can check out the trailer below.

In addition to having an amped up theme song (whose name I can’t seem to find), Ed also rocks the latest in Fantastic Sams haircuts. His wavy one-eyed hairdo had some boys jealous and others blushing. There may have been some girls gushing too, but they don’t play fighting games… so it’s doubtful.

Anyway, aside from the boy-love Ed was receiving from the community, he was also praised for how lightning quick his moves were, and how smoothly he’s able to transition from supers to techs and from techs to neutrals, and back again. He has a nice collection of abilities that are designed to combo into one another and can be used in a variety of ways, including his Psycho-pull that can draw opponents back close towards him at the end of a combo.

In a way, some of Ed’s moves look like they come right out of Mortal Kombat based on fast he is and how quickly he can link his moves. I haven’t seen a Street Fighter character with that level of combo fluidity in a long time.

It seems Capcom still knows how to make compelling looking characters with great moves. I have no idea if Ed’s story will be as compelling as his looks and fighting ability, but at least he looks like he belongs in the Street Fighter universe with everyone else. Technically, with a few tweaks I could even see Ed hanging with the likes of Dragunov and Lars from Tekken.

As mentioned, you can get your hands on Ed (for fighting, ogling or otherwise) as part of the free beta test starting this Thursday on May 11th.

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