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1424950cookie-checkStrike Vector EX Launch Trailer Showcases Fast Air And Space Battles

Strike Vector EX Launch Trailer Showcases Fast Air And Space Battles

It seems as if some gamers are liking the trailer for Reverb Triple XP’s Strike Vector EX enough that they are comparing it to Star Fox Zero. Whether you like the latter or the former more, Strike Vector EX launch trailer confirms its PS4 release.

This was brought to light by Ted Lange, who stands as the Producer of Reverb Triple XP. Taking to the to announce the above information, we learn all the basics about the fast-paced 3D shoot’em up game.

Aside from the announcement and beginner’s guide for the game on the, if you don’t know what Strike Vector EX is and what you can do in the game, I’m sure this old trailer will help inform you.

Furthermore, the game sees players zipping across the skies and space itself attempting to eradicate any known enemy in sight. Sounds dangerous and risky at the same time? Well, it is. The above trailer actually tells the truth about in-game gameplay, which is pretty interesting. I’d actually say that the gameplay trailer below is more interesting than the “Coming Soon” video above.

With that said, you can check out the all new trailer that has a lot of people pontificating over the comparisons to Star Fox Zero, saying that this looks more satisfying. Since I haven’t played both games, I suggest that you check out the trailer below to form your own opinion.

I do have to say that the music is good in the trailer, and if the trailer is any indication of the game’s full OST, then it’s shaping up to be a sick sounding new-age retro soundtrack.

Although the game just launched for PS4, a full rundown on the game’s basic controls and premise can be found over on the I suggest checking out the write-up over on the blog if the game seems interesting to you.

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