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Sudden Strike 4 Trailer Confirms 3 Campaigns, 100 Different Units

Sudden Strike 4 is the upcoming real-time strategy game from Kalypso Media. It puts players back into the danger and the grit of World War II. The company recently released a new trailer for the game, showcasing some hardcore gameplay for the upcoming title on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Unlike a bunch of other World War games, Kalypso isn’t afraid to let gamers take command of German troops or the Soviet army. You’ll be able to command over 100 different units from four different nations, including the British and Americans. Some of these units include the German Heinkel He111, the Hawker Typhoon British fighter and the Russian T-34 tank. And of course, who could forget the incomparable German Panzer Tiger?

You can check out the minute and a half trailer below featuring the gameplay for the upcoming title.

Kite Games are at the helm of development, and they’ve designed a game that will appeal to gamers who enjoy stuff like Blitzkrieg or Company of Heroes. The trailer advertises three different campaigns to play through with over 20 different missions to complete.

There’s a competitive multiplayer component attached, along with pause and play gameplay so you can strategically setup your forces and order them around while surveying the carnage on-screen like some sort of combat chess player.

There are nine different commanders based on real life generals, ranging from Patton to Bernard Montgomery to Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov.

The trailer is surprisingly in depth, covering a lot of the different gameplay elements within such a short amount of time. Then again, they don’t waste time or effort trying to beautify the game with needless cinematics, nor do they focus on non-gaming related stuff. Instead, they showcase what the gameplay is like for some of the units, what the air raids are like, what the ground strikes are like, what the boots on the ground tactics are like, and what some of the maps are like. It’s very thorough to be so short.

You can look for Sudden Strike 4 to launch this upcoming spring in 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For more info or details on the pre-order bonuses, you can visit the game’s official website.

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