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1422450cookie-checkSudden Strike 4 Set To Bring World War 2 Action To PS4 And PC

Sudden Strike 4 Set To Bring World War 2 Action To PS4 And PC

If you enjoyed Sudden Strike: The Last Stand back in 2010, a new sequel is set to come out in the Spring of 2017. Set for PS4 and PC, Kalypso Media and Kite Games announced Sudden Strike 4, which takes place during the front lines of WW2.

Sporting real-time strategy and top down mechanics, world war 2 nuts, like me, can rejoice in leading their front line soldiers and armament to victory, either as the Axis or Allies. If the first three games (and the Last Stand spin-off) excited fans,  I’m sure this newest one might hold some merits over the original releases.

Set to come out sometime in the Spring of next year, a new trailer contains in-game footage, with cut-scenes of real life WW2 footage shown in red, and much more. You can watch it below.

The newest game will feature an extensive campaign that sports the U.S., German, British and Soviet troops, and holds well over 100 different units to lead into battle. Additionally, well known war machines will make an appearance like the German Heinkel He111 bomber, the Russian T-34 tank, the British Hawker Typhoon fighter plane, and the German Pzkw (Panzerkampfwagen) VI Tiger.

Furthermore, like in many games that take players into battle as the commander, folks will be able to choose from generals and military leaders like Georg S. Patton and Bernard Montgomery, who bring their very own unique skills to battle.

The game will offer up 20 single-player scenarios, a competitive PvP mode and a skirmish focused mode. There is also a new and improved reward system for folks to utilize to their advantage, which adds a tactical and strategic spectrum to the game, along with other features.

The game is set to come out for PS4 and PC next Spring on May 5th. However, the PC version will feature mode support with Steam workshop integration.

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