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1415640cookie-checkSuper Hero Jacket Giveaway: Select From Deadpool, Batman, Captain America

Super Hero Jacket Giveaway: Select From Deadpool, Batman, Captain America

[Update: A winner has been selected and the giveaway is closed. Congrats Katie!]

Seems like we haven’t ran any giveaways on the site for a while, and now seems like a good as time as any to do so. Film Jackets, an online clothing outlet catering toward geek culture, cinephiles and cool nerd-wear, reached out to see if someone within the community of One Angry Gamer would like to receive a free super hero themed jacket. Speaking on behalf of the OAG community, I said “Yes!”

There are four jackets to choose from and one lucky person who will be able to get their hands on a jacket, for free.

The rules of the giveaway are simple:
1.) Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter
2.) Scope out the Film Jacket links below to see which varsity jacket you like best
3.) Send us a Tweet or message us on Facebook with the jacket of your choice
4.) Wait anxiously in hopes of being selected to receive a free jacket
5.) You must be a resident of the United States

The four varsity jackets includes a Batman themed jacket, a Captain America jacket, a Deadpool jacket and a Superman jacket. Each of the four jackets available in the giveaway come in medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. The jackets are priced at $49 each, down from the regular $69 price point.

The Batman black varsity jack is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It features a black and gray color scheme with yellow stripes around the cuffs, silver buttons and the classic black and yellow Batman logo. You can check the jacket out over on the Fjackets website.

Deadpool FJacketsThe second jacket is the Deadpool Letterman varsity jacket with a red and black design. It has red buttons, and striped designs around the cuffs and collar. There’s a Deadpool logo patch on the left side of the upper chest and red stripes on the pockets. You can check out the Team Deadpool jacket over on the website for more info.

The Captain America Letterman jacket definitely has the most color variance out of the four jackets. It features rib knit cuffs that were red and white, along with a red and white stripe along the outer edge of the waistband. It has gray sleeves and a gray lining on the pockets. The jacket has a Captain America shield logo on the upper left part of the chest with the red and white striped collar tucked into the jacket. You can check it out over on the Fjackets website.

Last but not least is the Superman Letterman jacket. It sports the typical 80% cotton and 20% polyester, just like the other jackets. It has a very casual look to it; it’s far less menacing than the Deadpool or Batman varsity jackets. A soft sky blue design is offset with a light gray set of sleeves. Silver buttons line the torso down the middle, and twin white stripes are wrapped around the cuffs, the waist and the collar. The pockets are highlighted with a single gray stripe, and the jacket is rounded off with a small Superman logo – with a red and yellow theme – plastered on the left breast. It’s a very relaxed look and has a more bright theme to it compared to the other jackets. You can check it out over on the Fjackets website.

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