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1418360cookie-checkTales Of Berseria’s Combat And Exploration Revealed In New Gameplay Video

Tales Of Berseria’s Combat And Exploration Revealed In New Gameplay Video

Those looking forward to Bandai Namco’s latest “Tales of” game will finally be able to get a nice glimpse at Tales of Berseria’s combat and world traveling in a new video. The video footage arrives from a recent presentation from producer Yasuhiro Fukaya in Europe for Tales of Berseria.

Catching wind from publication site Gematsu, the source was able to get information and video footage from Game-eXperience, and pulled out some nice footage showcasing some minor world exploration and how battles will look in the latest “Tales of” entry.

Something that a lot of fans seemed to notice was that Velvet’s running and walking animations are far better than Sorey’s. Many fans complained that he ran strange and like he had a rod up his butt when he walked. Whether that was an annoyance to you or not, we all know that it’s far better than the one from Tales of Eternia.

Besides the animation fix-ups, the battle system will feature a list of different mechanics allowing players to pull off some pretty devastating combos, while providing a nice amount of freedom in the battlefield. This also includes strategic moves like the Switch Blast, character-specific battle styles, and more.

We also see from the video footage that the roaming is like most JRPGs, which exploring the world map provides various places that can be explored, offering a nice advantage to sneak up on enemies. You can check the footage out below, courtesy of Choi Dal Dal‘s YouTube channel.

The video also gives a run down on some of the option menus and character skills while they run through the ropes of introducing some of the core features in Berseria. Although there wasn’t much of a focus on the exploration, we did get a nice amount of battle information with skills and how they play out in battles.

I’m sure more information will be coming out soon to fill in the gap from now until its new early 2017 release date. Until then, Tales of Berseria is set to come out for both PS3 and PS4 on August 18th in Japan, while the western version is due out for PC and PS4 in early 2017.

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