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1418650cookie-checkTales Of Berseria’s Fifth Trailer Showcases Artorius And Ceres

Tales Of Berseria’s Fifth Trailer Showcases Artorius And Ceres

Tales of Berseria finally got its fifth trailer, although it’s the original Japanese trailer, folks now will be able to see Artorius and Ceres in action. The JRPG will be available for PS3 and PS4 over in Japan on August 18th, and on PC and PS4 next year for the west.

The last information we recently received pertaining to Tales of Berseria outlined how one of the traveling methods are a hover board named the Rare Board. The video showed a slight glimpse of how the board worked, which let players move faster by slightly hovering over the ground.

Looking over to the newest trailer that Bandai Namco published, we get to see quite a bit of characters and different timelines throughout the game. Speaking of the characters, Artorius (who is voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi) makes in appearance in the video along with Ceres (who is voiced by Satomi Arai).

Artorius was once a part of Velvet’s family, who she calls Arthur. Later on, the two end up parting ways after a tragic event takes place three years before the game starts.

Looking over to the character Ceres, she follows under Artorius. After Ceres regains her feelings in the incident three years before the game starts, she begins to doubt Artorius’ actions and goes to the island where Velvet is imprisoned.

The video trailer goes beyond the standard one minute mark, running for almost three minutes and 30 seconds, and shows various scenes in the game. I’m sure an English trailer will arrive sometime soon afterwards, but you can watch the original Japanese video trailer below, courtesy of AllGamesDelta.

Although it’s been said before, Tales of Berseria won’t be coming to the west any time soon, but will arrive next year for PC and PS4. As for the Japanese version, it will be available for the PS3 and PS4 and will go live on August 18th next month.

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