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1453440cookie-checkTekken 7 PC Mod Brings Frame Input Counter For Frame Counters

Tekken 7 PC Mod Brings Frame Input Counter For Frame Counters

Having trouble playing Tekken 7 when it comes to counting frames and getting the hang of inputs or combos? Well, there is a new mod out by a certain modder named Altimor that allows you to count frames on the PC version of the game. Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Catching wind from Avoiding The Puddle, a new mod brings a sorta official frame counter for PC players looking to get into Tekken 7 and wish to learn frames, combos and inputs. I should note that the mod is not geared toward veterans of Tekken 7 or fighting game experts, but more so for newcomers.

I should also note that the mod does not work exactly with the game once launched,  so you’ll have to open it up separately from the executable.

As far as functionality is concerned… for starters the mod by Altimor will display a small number above the command history only in the Training Mode of Tekken 7. It indicates a specific frame time per input. Once in use, bite-sized info and data will be at your disposal so that learning animations and other important factors about moves will be available for your research.

Time to explain the external use of the mod that makes it a bit not as great as it could be. The mod itself is a separate code injection program, this means that you will have to launch Tekken 7 and then shortly afterwards the mod exe to activate the program.

Seeing that this marks the early days of modding for Tekken 7, hopefully like the site Avoiding The Puddle notes, we get to see an actual frame data mod for the PC version of Tekken 7. In the meantime you can download Tekken 7 Input Frame Count Mod by heading on over to

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