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1428900cookie-checkThe Beard In The Mirror Is An Old-School Point-And-Click Adventure

The Beard In The Mirror Is An Old-School Point-And-Click Adventure

The husband and wife duo of Oh, a Rock! Studios are prepping for release of their upcoming point-and-click PC game, The Beard in the Mirror. The title is a digitized, 256-color style title that takes it back old-school like the classic Sierra Interactive and LucasArts titles from the early 1990s.

The game features the main protagonist, Paul, fresh out of college at the age of 22. He lives alone in his empty apartment, stuck in a dead-end job he hates and constantly questioning his worth in the world. Well, one day a mysterious woman enters into Paul’s life and everything changes.

The Beard in the Mirror reminds me a little bit of Westwood’s Legend of Kyrandia, a hint of King’s Quest, a bit of Future Wars and a dash of Quest for Glory. You can get an idea of what the developers are going for with the trailer below.

The romantic tale of adventure is coupled with a story about magical encounters, a bit of comedy and the actual possibility of dying. Yes, they’re bringing back dying in an adventure game. A lot of games these days try hard to ensure that everybody is a winner and if it were possible the publishers would mail out awards just for participating. Well, this is a game that punishes you for making the wrong choices, but it’s not one of those masochistic titles where you can’t save the game and you’re stuck doing the same segment over and over again for an hour.

The design is aimed to rekindle the challenge and stories that made us all feel so nostalgic back in the day… you know, when you used to read through the Scholastic catalog to see what new shareware games were available, or check out the Interaction Magazine to learn about Sierra’s upcoming and in-development titles.

The Beard in the Mirror is a call-back to the classic golden era of gaming, and Oh, a Rock! Studios is hoping that you join them in the adventure.

You can look for the upcoming point-and-click title to launch on PC starting October 25th at the end of the month. The store page is already live and you can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store.

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