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1424640cookie-checkThe Church In The Darkness Sees Players Infiltrating A 1970s Separatist Cult

The Church In The Darkness Sees Players Infiltrating A 1970s Separatist Cult

Players take on the role of a character infiltrating a cult in the 1970s known as The Walkers. The objective is to search for the player-character’s missing nephew out in the jungles of South America.

The Church in the Darkness is pretty cool insofar that it’s a top-down stealth and espionage game. You’ll need to move calmly and tactically through the camp, picking up clues, learning more about The Walkers and attempting to find your nephew.

There’s a pretty cool gameplay playthrough sessions from developer Paranoid Productions that highlights some of the different gameplay elements and some of the story features in The Church in the Darkness. You can check it out below.

One of the things that really stood out to me is the fact that they mention that different playthroughs will see the characters having different moods and reactions to the player’s presence in the village. Sometimes it will be for the better, sometimes for worse.

I like the random elements tossed in there to mix things up because it means the game will be highly replayable for those who enjoy that sort of thing. The idea that some members of the cult might be willing to help you while others have gone full Kool-Aid seems like it could keep the tensions high and players guessing all the way to the credits.

The top-down choice is a unique option, but for the most part it easily separates The Church in the Darkness from everything else out there.

Paranoid Productions have plans on showcasing another playable demo at this year’s PAX West in Seattle, Washington, which should open them up to a lot more eyes and get a lot more people talking and chatting up their new espionage, jungle romp.

I like where they’re going with Church in the Darkness, and I’m interested in seeing a lot more. You can keep track of the game and its developmental progress by paying a kind visit to the official website.

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