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1420150cookie-checkThe Eyes Of Ara Brings Castle Puzzle Solving To Steam

The Eyes Of Ara Brings Castle Puzzle Solving To Steam

One of the most recent games to hit Steam that is not in Early Access is The Eyes Of Ara. The 3D island puzzle game by 100 Stones Interactive explores elaborate puzzle solving, treasure finding and ancient mysteries. The Eyes Of Ara is out now for PC.

If you are into first-person mystery games and like exploring rustic places, 100 Stones Interactive has a game that’s currently out for folks like you. In addition to the game’s recent release, the devs also published a new update fixing some general bugs and UI issues that arrives today.

The update known as patch 1.0.01 fixes certain puzzles, along with UI display and the setting’s options now being much easier to access than before. There’s some other stuff that the devs mentioned in the update post, but most are pretty minor.

Looking back to the actual game, The Eyes Of Ara has players on a remote island that holds an ancient weathered castle. Although the castle contains legendary mysteries, players will encounter something that must be uncovered in the depths of the castle as noted below:

“Escape to another place. Become enthralled in a stunning Adventure-Puzzle game set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast and ancient castle riddled with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve elaborate puzzles, locate lost treasures, and unravel the mystery of The Eyes of Ara.”

If all of that sounds interesting and you want more information on the game, the official launch trailer can be seen below for viewing pleasure.

As noted above, if you are into games that’s all about paying attention to the environment and solving complex puzzles, I think adventure puzzle goers should further check this game out, if it looks interesting.

Speaking of looking into the puzzler, you can learn more about 100 Stones Interactive’s game by heading to their main site, or going to Steam. The Eyes of Ara is currently $14.99 on Steam.

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