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1416720cookie-checkThe Game Baker Announces Furi To Launch On PC And PS4 On July 5th

The Game Baker Announces Furi To Launch On PC And PS4 On July 5th

Furi will be available for both PC and PS4, which the hardcore boss fighting game is set to debut next month. This information comes from developer The Game Baker, who seeks to bring the fast-pace split second action game on July 5th.

Boasting the same character designer from Afro Samurai (Takashi Okazaki) and an electric soundtrack from Carpenter Burt, Danger and many others, the action packed game Furi is set to hit PC and PS4 on July 5th.

Furi is heavily based on Japanese hack and slash games, and calls for immense timing and reaction when it comes to a duel. Personally, I kinda like games where there are learning curves to the core mechanics because it adds another layer to the game. It requires quick reflexes, and precise judgement that reflects just how good a player can be when undergoing a skillful battle.

I’m not sure how this game will execute the controls and the timing of movement on release, but I do see the devs keep reiterating that Furi is a game that’s all about quick attacks and skill.

In addition to the gameplay, there’s also Furi’s official description detailing its basic premise, you can read the note below.

“Furi is fast-paced, and requires great timing, reflexes and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players must attack and counter, finding the right strategy for each boss they confront. And each of the formidable “guardians” has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second timing to defeat them.”

It’s also noted that bosses can take up to 10 to 90 minutes depending on how one plays. If that sounds interesting, an old trailer provides a nice glimpse on how Furi will play out, courtesy of PlayStationEU

Furi will be available both for PS4 and PC this year. With a release date set to drop on July 5th, you can learn more about the game by heading to

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