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1434820cookie-checkThe King Of Fighters XIV Free V1.10 Update Gains New Trailer

The King Of Fighters XIV Free V1.10 Update Gains New Trailer

Atlus and SNK just recently announced a free update entitled version 1.10 for The King of Fighters XIV. The update will add better lighting and more character colors for folks to utilize come January, 2017. As of now the fighting game is already out now for PS4.

Atlus has released a new video on their YouTube channel showing the new graphical changes and additions that will be coming to the game free of charge, which will debut sometime in January, 2017.

You can check out the new and improved graphical changes that will be available soon by watching the trailer below.

After reading a lot of comments and visiting different forum boards, as a fan of the KOF series have you ever noticed the amount of secret and hidden Akira references that reside in the game? I’ve notice a few but after reading quite a bit of comments and doing some research myself I thought it would come in as some interesting piece of info for both KOF and Akira fans.

After reading Tetsuo Shima or K9999 (or K 4-9) was redacted from KOF XIV’s gallery according to hardcore fans and the official Wikia for the character, did you know that the original VA, Nozomu Sasaki, for the movie agreed to do K9999’s voice for The King of Fighters 2001? I didn’t, but I found out thanks to the video by Ars Magna.

But that’s not all, fans also did some snooping and found that after he (K9999) was replaced by Nameless, his code was still in the game afterwards and appeared in The King of Fighters Neowave as a playable character. His data still remains in the arcade version and can be selected using external cheat devices, which is evident below.

Although K9999 is missing from the newest game that will receive a new update in January of 2017, it seemed like SNK couldn’t quite let him go and took up Geinoh Yamashirogumi style of music by fusing Tetsuo and Kenada’s theme into the BGM Independence From An Aggregate, which in the comment section for the video quite a bit of people noticed the striking resembles between said tracks.

I wonder if there will be any other references of Akira in KOF in the near future? I say this because the Summer Olympics are coming up in the next three years and Akira the manga (back in 1982) predicted that Japan would host said event around 2020.

Anyways, getting back on track, the update for KOF XIV will add better lighting and even more character colors to pick from starting sometime early next year. As of now the fighting game is already out for PS4.

But, before letting you go I thought it would be interesting to throw up this forgotten gaming relic for those who may not know that this existed, thanks to YouTuber Evil Pixel.

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