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1706340cookie-checkThese are the 5 most legendary slots of all time

These are the 5 most legendary slots of all time

The Internet has changed the way we live dramatically and has provided us with lots of new opportunities. One of the industries that has shaped the most in the last few years and which has clearly adapted the quickest to these fast times is the gambling industry.  

Already the sheer amount of casino games offered can be overwhelming. People from all over the world are looking now for the best online pokies and trying to find out which are the top operators to play online. There are many interesting guides to find online that can help you find what you are fiending for. 

But what exactly are the most legendary slots of all time? And how could online gambling get so important? We have the facts you need to know!

Online gambling is booming

Digital gaming and especially online gambing has grown immensely during the last two decades becoming one of the biggest industries in the entertainment sector. With a revenue in 2022 of more than 23 billion US-dollars the industry of online gaming is certainly not a small fish on the map anymore. 

As so many things have become digital and people do not have to go out to do certain things like seeing movies or going to the mall anymore, it is no wonder that the gambling industry has done the same.  Online casinos have been popping up everywhere on the market in recent years and the online gambing industry has since then grown substantially.

88 Fortunes

One of the most important slot games that you should know about is 88 Fortunes by Scientific Games. You can play this game which is especially popular among players from the UK at almost all top online casinos and obviously find it on the AppStore or Google Play.

The Asian motif that the title is constructed around is its strongest point. As you may know most of the slot games are designed in a certain theme and there are a lot of games with an Asian influence, but this one sticks out the most.

Da Vinci Diamonds

The game Da Vinci Diamonds was released more than ten years ago in 2012. This game, in contrast to the others, is renowned for its vintage feel and especially stands out with its ambitious design. The idea that Leonardo Da Vinci was among the greatest artists, inventors, and sculptors of all time was adopted by the creators of this slot game and some of you may recognize symbols connected to Leonardo da Vinci’s works. 

In total the Da Vinci Diamonds Masterworks slot machine’s five reels feature images of the Mona Lisa and La Belle Ferronniere. The designers have done a very excellent job of reproducing some of Da Vinci’s most renowned works, even though the quality of the painting certainly is not quite up to his standards. Still this slot game is among the ones that you have to know. 

Divine Fortune

Another great slot game that you should certainly know about is Divine Fortune by NetEnt. This game is themed in ancient Greek style, which is why Greek mythology enthusiasts will like Divine Fortune. There is no question about the significance of the setting. An old temple with two imposing sculptures on either side is being combined with a magnificent soundtrack that adds even more to the appearance of Ancient Greece. 

If you close your eyes, you may very much have the impression that you are actually on Mount Olympus sipping wine and munching on grapes. While you are aware that characters like Medusa with her snake-like hair, may turn you to stone with a single glance, she can still bring you great winnings in this game.

Five reels and three rows make up the Divine Fortune slot machine. The standard mechanics are nothing out of the ordinary even with 20 paylines. Yet this slot is definitely among the most popular ones!

Mega Moolah 

One game that we definitely should not forget when speaking about the most legendary slot games of all time is Mega Moolah. The game made by the company Microgaming is one of the old-school games as it has been around since 2006. 

Along with the chance to win large, Mega Moolah attracts players who enjoy online slots games with engaging gameplay. Different animals are used in place of the typical fruit in the Mega Moolah slot’s jungle animal theme. 

Along with the standard card symbols like Ace, King, Queen or Joker, the pay lines additionally feature an antelope, zebra, giraffe, bull, and elephant. The scatter symbol, a fairly posh-looking monkey, pays off between 2 and 100 times your wager, depending on how many times it appears on the reels. The king of the jungle, the lion, serves as your wild emblem.

To be honest the slot is not the best designed game. Its idea is not as groundbreaking and charming as others. But as it has been designed way earlier than other slot games of the market and always has stayed true to its original idea, many find something about it and until today it is still one of the most successful slot games on the market. 

Book of Dead

The most legendary slot game of all time is probably the game Book of Dead by Pla’n’Go. One must be fair and mention that the theme of Ancient Egypt is present in a large number of online slots and Book of Dead is certainly not alone with this style. But when it comes to this topic and how it is presented, Book of Dead is one of the pioneers.

It may have survived the test of time as it has been around for many years as well and is still an extremely popular Play’n GO slot now for this reason. That may also be because the used images and built-in elements have truly brought the theme to a level which is legendary. Whatever the situation, Book of Dead is unquestionably a slot machine that everyone ought to play at least once. For this reason the game may be the most popular and legendary slot games of all time.


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