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1426300cookie-checkTiger Knight Empire War: Online PVP Strategy Game Comes To Greenlight

Tiger Knight Empire War: Online PVP Strategy Game Comes To Greenlight

Tiger Knight: Empire War is a massive multiplayer online game, developed by Oasis Games and published by NetDragon. If you are a fan of war simulator games and large scale historical medieval combat, Tiger Knight: Empire War might just interest you.

I want to compare Tiger Knight: Empire War to the Dynasty Warriors series, but upon watching the gameplay trailer I can see that the combat is a lot slower and a lot more realistic, making the comparison closer to Mount And Blade rather than Dynasty Warriors.

Tiger Knight has been in development for quite some time now, and from my knowledge it appears that they had a few public tests. Now they have their eyes set on Steam to reach a larger audience. The combat is a bit more grounded in realism than your standard large scale combat game, but it is also a bit less clunky in comparison to games like Mount And Blade where you sometimes have random battles of wild swings that never connect with your opponent. The below video uploaded by Zhentian Lin showcases the combat system and how weapon damage affects armor resistance, and all the different types of armor styles you can choose from in the game, which makes combat a bit more complex and diverse.

The armor and damage system seems quite interesting and I’m hoping that the actual game will stay true to what they demonstrated in the above trailer to deliver a unique combat system that is more or less historically accurate, while also finding that key balance to keep the game fun. The development team released a second gameplay trailer that showcases a bit more of Tiger Knight in action, so check out the second trailer that I linked below.

There currently isn’t a release date listed for Tiger Knight: Empire War, so keep a close eye out for the game for when it officially launches. If you would like to see Tiger Knight: Empire War come to Steam then you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote to help them get accepted through the voting process.

Additionally, you can head on over to their official website to learn more about the game.

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