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1428010cookie-checkTitanfall 2 Multiplayer 4K Video Is Extremely Fast-Paced

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer 4K Video Is Extremely Fast-Paced

Respawn Entertainment has sadly been feeding off the scraps of attention that gamers have been giving them leading up to the release of Titanfall 2. A majority of the focus from most gamers is on Battlefield 1, which is due out just before Titanfall 2 drops. EA has the sci-fi mech-shooter sandwiched in between Battlefield and Call of Duty, making it the true underdog of the season.

The newest video, however, is all about showcasing how smooth the game runs in native 4K resolution. I’m not too big on 4K because it seems like overkill right now. A lot of games don’t have the lighting, texture or mesh details to match the quality of a 4K resolution. Nevertheless, that takes nothing away from the fact that Titanfall 2 is an extremely fast-paced game. You can check out the trailer below from the NGN YouTube channel where the game is running on Nvidia’s high-tech GPU the Titan X at 60 full frames per second in the glorious resolution of 3840 x 2160.

That’s right, the game is pushing out 8.2 million pixels per frame at 60 frames per second.

Even if the game doesn’t have visual aesthetics to make good on the 4K resolution, it’s still pulling off some mean numbers with an impressive buffer transfer rate.

Respawn has the game optimized quite well according to their internal benchmarks. They didn’t host a beta test on PC so we have no idea how well those internal benchmarks translate into real-world benchmarks on the consumer market, but hopefully they didn’t dong the dog’s duty on this one because the best way to completely deflate any sales momentum is to release a poorly optimized PC port.

Anyway, within the video above, we get to see some of the new skills in play, some of the grappling and aerial jetpack maneuvers. Some scoped sniping is showcased, along with some Titans doing battle and quickly making mincemeat of the enemy with nary a fuss.

If you need to find out if your PC can handle Titanfall 2 be sure to check out the system requirements. Alternatively you can look for the game to launch on October 28th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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