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1424570cookie-checkTop-Down Stealth Game Death Point Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Top-Down Stealth Game Death Point Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Indie developer Andiks latest project known as Death Point brings top-down stealth/action, and seeks to get through Steam Greenlight. Inspired by games like PayDay and HITMAN, Death Point looks to bring deadly action to PC, iOS and Android devices.

It’s been a while since a decent game has hit Steam Greenlight that hasn’t been a cheap MS Paint-like game, or some scam product that has been re-submitted because it was down-voted badly. With that said, Andiks latest product known as Death Point, offers a familiar gameplay style like strategy top-down police games for mobile devices, except in real time.

This was explained in the game’s description, which notes inspiration from series like the older Metal Gear games, PayDay and other stealth-based action games. However, I just put the basic story and premise of the game’s description below:

“Death Point is a beautiful game with a stealth action atmosphere. The plot is based on a former super spy who lives a hard life in Europe after the Third World War. People have to fight not for ideals, but for survival. ”


“There is a bloody struggle between rival powers for control over territory and natural resources. One of the key figures of this struggle is the saboteur Mark Pointer. He has achieved mastery in sabotage, killing, espionage and terrorist attack skills.”

The object of the game is to steal or takeout any object or VIP in a designated area, and pull out either by foot or by vehicle.

If you are familiar with police force-like mobile games, and enjoy them, this one is no exception. In addition, you can check out the official trailer below, thanks to Andiks‘ channel.

If this indie project seems interesting to you, more information can be found on Death Point, and Andiks’ other games, by head on over to the devs main site. As for those who seek to vote for Death Point, you can hit up Steam Greenlight.

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