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Total War: Warhammer Call Of The Beastman DLC Is Called Too Expensive

Sega and Creative Assembly announced that the Call of the Beastman expansion pack for Total War: Warhammer has gone live. The new DLC features all new units, a new story campaign mode, new multiplayer features and new map content for players to dive into.

The new DLC sees a new faction added to the line-up, the Beastmen.

There are a number of new units in the new faction, and players will go on a miniature campaign mode called “An Eye For An Eye”.

They have new heroes, lords and units mirrored after the Chaos faction since the Beastmen worship Chaos. They also have new magic as well.

You get all of this for the price of $18.99.

This near $20 expansion had some willing to bend their wallets to the will of Creative Assembly, but others weren’t so quick to fork over the cash, resulting in a clash of consumer titans in the user review section on Steam, where the rating is currently mixed after 322 reviews.

So why the somber mood amongst the Warhammer crowd? Well, they feel as if the content gyps them compared to how expensive it is.

Firaeveus Carron mentioned…

“While the Beastmen roster feels a little lacking to some, some of the units that are present are very well made. However, a good number of units are merely minor reworks wielding different weapons. For example, while there are 3 Minotaur variants, they’re all pretty much identical aside from the weapon they use.


“Some units like the “Chaos Warhounds, “Chaos Spawn” and “Chaos Giant” are copied and pasted right from the Warriors of Chaos roster, which seems very lazy.”

SadisticNemesis mentioned the same thing…

“[…] they’re chaos worshipers and they’re beasts so they would be like them… but I did not expect the mechanics to just be “chaos horde gameplay with ork warrgh*. Thats generally all they have when compared to how different the other factions play, and THAT i personally find to be really weak for this price.”

By-Tor also couldn’t recommend it because the cost of paying for each faction would eventually add up and cost a ton of cash, writing…

“Do you like horde gameplay and desperetely want something new? Buy it. Otherwise I would wait for a discount, considering the high price and missing content.


“I chose not to recommend it because it’s not for everyone and their DLC policy sucks. Just imagine how much you’ll end up paying for all the additional factions. This tittle will probably be the most expensive to date.”

Now the general consensus is that they’re a really well made faction, and if you haven’t seen the in-engine cinematic you can check it out below to get an up close and personal look at the details of the characters.

The general consensus also says that their mechanical similitude to Chaos army and the high-price makes it a tough recommendation to buy. Most are saying it’s worth it, but only during a sale or after it’s been permanently discounted.

You can learn more about all the different units included in the package, as well as details on the campaign by visiting the Steam store page for Call of the Beastmen.

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