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Total War: Warhammer Call Of The Beastmen Walkthrough

A campaign walkthrough for the new Total War: Warhammer: Call of the Beastmen DLC has made its way online, with a variety of gamers offering their own take on the campaign mode called “Eye for an Eye”. You can check out the walkthrough to get an idea of how the units are utilized on the battlefield and what the story is like for the Beastmen horde.

YouTuber SurrealBeliefs offers up a multi-video playlist for the Total War: Warhammer campaign featuring the Call of the Beastmen DLC, he covers the race’s units, specialties and play-styles throughout the series. You can check it out below.

The top units of the Beastmen include Cygor, a specialist artillery unit with armor piercing cababilities, special ranged attacks, the ability to inflict terror in enemies and receives no forest penalty. He has okay armor, good leadership and high weapon and missile damage.

The second of the top units is the Razorgor Herd, which is a monstrous beast with armor piercing capabilities and works as an anti-infantry unit. It has the same armor defense as Cygor but lacks in the leadership department. Its attack strength and defense are also very low, but it makes up for it with a lot of high speed… 72, to be exact.

The third top unit happens to be the Minotaurs. This infantry unit also has armor-piercing capabilities and they have no forest penalties. They have okay armor, above-average leadership, decent speed, moderate melee attack and formidable weapon strength.

The stats for the race are also outlined in the video, covering the race mechanics and play-styles, such as the fact that the Beastmen have no settlements and they spread corruption where ever they go due to their worship of the Chaos. They cannot trade and they have strong diplomatic penalties with all the races. Basically, if you want to tear stuff up, you pick the Beastmen.

Total War: Warhammer Call of the Beastmen

In the walkthrough below, he focuses on stacking his corruption early on and fights out a lot of the minor battles because it’s important to learn the enemy AI and understand how to utilize your units against opposing units. The videos doe a pretty good job of explaining each of the units’ roles on the battlefield.

One of the things utilized in battle that you may want to remember is making good on the centigors as ambushers. In the videos we see the centigors utilized to attack enemies from behind, coming from out of the forest to flank enemies.

You can see an alternate take on the Call of the Beastmen campaign by Vadact who gives you a look at how to level-up your units, which branch you can take for the rest and some strategies for taking on the Empire. Check it out below.

The Campaign isn’t terribly long if you have the Beastmen taking over the land alongside the Orcs. They’re able to wipe out the Empire and Vampire factions pretty quickly. This is what happened in SurrealBeliefs game where the Orcs ravaged the land while he used the Beastmen to conquer and destroy. While most campaign playlists are around 40 videos long, the Beastmen campaign with just over a handful of videos long.

You can get the DLC for Total War: Warhammer right now or wait for it to go on sale and grab it while it’s discounted.

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