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Transformers: Forged To Fight, Fighting Game Coming Spring 2017

Hasbro Entertainment and Kabam announced that a new fighting game is on the way called Transformers: Forged To Fight. They revealed the new trailer and gameplay information on the title recently, but obviously since it didn’t air during this year’s spectacular Game Awards show the title sort of flew well under the radar.

Transformers: Forged To Fight is scheduled to release in the spring of 2017 next year for iOS and Android smart devices. Yes, it’s a mobile game. It also happens to be a one-on-one fighting game where players can utilize the popular Autobots or Decepticons to duke it out across various arenas, using neutrals, air attacks, special moves and some spiffy looking combos.

They released a trailer of the game and it looks so much better than I imagined and the gameplay is far smoother than it has any right to be. You can check it out below.

See, the press release was sneaky as silent funk. They didnt’ readily mention it was for mobile devices, so I opened up the trailer and started watching it thinking it was going to be a free-to-play PC game, but I should known that with Kabam involved it was going to be a mobile game.

A lot of the comments are also pretty high up on the game… save for the fact that it’s a mobile game!

I especially loved a commentr from Aaron O’Neil who corrected another gamer who was pissed they mixed the Bayformer designs with the classic G1 models, saying…

“Are you saying you don’t want the chance to see the classic characters literally beat the ever loving snot out of the Bayformers? Which is exactly what people are gonna use this for.”

Good point Aaron… good point.

Mark Blecher, the senior VP of digital gaming and corporate development at Hasbro explained that it’s not just the classic G1 designs and Bayformers making an appearance in Transformers: Forged to Fight, but each generation of the Transformers will be representing, saying in the press release…

“TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight embraces the best that the Transformers brand has to offer, allowing players to collect the most memorable Autobots and Decepticons from every era of the brand’s thirty-plus year history,”


“We’re excited to work with Kabam to bring this unique mobile game to life, and think fans will be thrilled with the final product.”

See, this is the sort of thing that makes a lot of people angry. Why would you limit this game’s release to mobile devices? I literally paid for the G1 DLC for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron before I even bought the full game. That’s how much love I have for the classics. I would have readily put down some righteous coinage for this game if it were on real gaming platforms. Heck, I would snatch it right up if it comes to the Nintendo Switch, seriously.

Anyway, you can look for Transformers: Forged To Fight to launch on iOS and Android starting spring in 2017. For more information be sure to visit the official Hasrbo website.

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