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1409440cookie-checkTurtle Beach’s New Elite Pro Gaming Headset Pre-Orders Start May 24th

Turtle Beach’s New Elite Pro Gaming Headset Pre-Orders Start May 24th

Turtle Beach has teamed up with OpTic Gaming to provide the gaming community and e-sports aficionados with some hardcore, high-tech, top quality headsets from their revised and revamped Elite brand.

The new Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset comes with some really nifty tech, including memory foam, closed ear-cups with cooling gel underneath a cloth surface. The highlight is that the outside of the ear-cup is actually leather, so you get that quality look while the inside is cloth so you get the comfort necessary for long gaming sessions. I’ve never been a fan of closed ear-cups due to their discomfort over long periods of use, but it appears Turtle Beach may have found a way around that.

What’s more is that they also included ridges in the side so gamers who wear glasses can slide the rims through the grooves. This means you can comfortably wear a pair of glasses and have the headset fit over them without it biting into the sides of your head.

You can check out some of the sponsored testimony from the promo trailer below.

The 50mm drivers are accompanied by 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround support, along with a TruSpeak adjustable microphone and a T.A.C., audio mixer so that you can conveniently adjust the game sound, the background noise limits, the outbound mic sound as well as the mic monitor level so it only picks up your voice and your voice only. Unless of course you’re one of those exhibitors who don’t mind letting your teammates or rivals hear your parents in the background arguing or your dog whining while he takes a pained dump on your pillow.

Elite Pro Headset

The T.A.C., also allows for single-press presets so you can get the audio levels you want, when you want them, as well as optional surround sound mode.

Juergen Stark, the CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation, commented about the new Elite Pro Gaming Headset, stating in the press release…

“Part of Turtle Beach’s core DNA is driving innovation that benefits gamers. Given that we invented the console gaming headset space many years ago, we felt it was only natural for us to reinvent the gaming headset for the current era of eSports to meet the expectations of today’s competitive gamers,”

Promotional platitudes aside, the Elite Pro has some legit specs on it. I can’t say I’m not impressed.

Pre-orders for the Elite Pro Gaming Headset will commence on May 24th. They will be available exclusive in the U.K., from GAME, so expect some sort of exclusivity deal with GameStop here Stateside. The headset will be available with compatibility for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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