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Twitch Prime Lets You Use Amazon Prime To Access Discounts, Subs, TV, Games

Amazon is starting to get a bit more aggressive with their purchase of They’ve decided to integrate Twitch into their Amazon Prime program by coming up with Twitch Prime, a premium service that overlaps between Twitch and Amazon.

Over on the official Twitch/Amazon website they have a catchy little promotional video that seems like something Apple would have used a decade ago. They run through some of the features that Twitch Prime will offer users free in-game loot, such as skins, characters, vehicles and boosts. They list games like Hearthstone and Smite as being part of the program where you will get free stuff.

They also mention that there will be free access to games like Streamline, which is an indie game you probably never heard of. They figure the gaming goodies probably isn’t enough to lure people in, but the crossover between Twitch and Amazon is made more significant with the ad-free channel streaming every 30 days on Twitch. I don’t really know what they mean by “every 30 days”, but it sounds like limited premium access to Twitch’s subscription services.

They also adopt PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold-type services, such as discounts on newly released boxes games, and even free access to over a million songs. This also ties into Amazon’s movie and TV streaming service, which is oftentimes tied to IMDB. So you can easily watch movies or TV programs when you get tired of seeing some of your favorite cleavage-baring live-streamers barred for indecent exposure.

It’s an interesting and very aggressive move by Amazon. I’m not sure what their end-game is here but trying to wrestle away market-share from Microsoft or Sony is going to be tough, and attempting to get anyone to give up on Steam will be next to nigh impossible. If Twitch wasn’t so censorship-prone this would probably look a heck of a lot better on paper than it actually does.

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