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Uncanny Valley Gameplay Walkthrough

Cowardly Creations’ indie horror game, Uncanny Valley, is a short, violent romp through the unknown. The game came out back in 2015 for PC and later made its way to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2017. For gamers in need of a gameplay walkthrough guide for Uncanny Valley, you’ve come to the right place.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has a complete playthrough available from start to finish. If you do everything correctly and play smart you can beat the game in about an hour and a half. You can check out the video below.

At the start of the game, run to the far right of the screen and grab the fence cutters on the makeshift bed outside.

Go over to the fence and press ‘I’ to select the wire cutters and them on the fence.

Run from the monster all the way to the apartment door. Go inside and take the elevator upstairs. Keep running to your right to the end of the hallway and go inside the apartment.

During the subway intro, wait for the subway train to stop and then exit from the right and go up the stairs and outside. Talk to Buck.

When you finally get inside the Melior building, follow behind Buck the security guard.

Buck will give you a tour of the building and your duties.


Exit the guard station once Buck gets done walking you through the basics and head to your left outside of the building.

Head outside and go to your left into the forest, and then proceed right until you reach the apartment building and talk to the lady Eve.

Head upstairs to your room – door 7. Change into your security clothes and go back outside toward the Melior building.

Go back to the security station and talk to Buck.

Once Buck leaves, go into the elevator and head to floor 1.

Read the messages on the computers.

Once you finish up reading the messages, head back to the elevator and go to floor 2.

Head to the end of the room, and through the end of the kitchen.

Proceed back to the elevator and go to floor 3.

Check all the rooms to the right and all the rooms to the left.

Once you get done, proceed back to the elevator and go to floor 4.

Check the floor out and then head back to the elevator and go to the ground floor where the security office is located.

Tom will fall asleep and begin to dream.

Head to your right and when you get to the end, crawl through the tunnel and enter into the horror room where you’ll see lots of dead bodies. Interact with one of the bodies and they will get up, run back to the left to exit the screen and Tom will wake up and unlock an achievement.

Tom will wake up. Get your security guard clothes on. Go to the ground floor. Exit the apartment complex and go back to the Melior building.

Your main objective will be to talk to Eve. Go to the elevator and head to the second floor. Go to your left and into the rec room to talk to Eve.

Be sure to check the other floors to end your shift and then you can go home and go to sleep by pressing ‘A’ on the bed, or ‘X’ if you’re using a DualShock controller.

Tom will wake up in the bar. You can grab a drink before heading outside. Keep giving money to the hobo on the street and then a monster will come and chase you. This will end Day 1.


Day 2

Rinse and repeat the process of getting your clothes on and going in to work.

As you begin your patrols the power will go out. Use your flashlight and head outside and through the forest area. Continue to the right into the next screen, and then continue right again until you reach the next screen, and can head into the control room. Complete the puzzle by connecting all the wires to each other without making the same connection twice.


Once you finish the puzzle, head back into the Melior building.

Finish up your patrol and then head home and hop into bed. Tom will dream about being interroragated by the FBI about being attacked.

Once the conversation ends, Tom will get dressed. Go to the window and go outside, and shimmy across the ledge until you get caught, as demonstrated in the walkthrough from Maka91Productions.

Day 3

Wake up, get dressed and head back to work. Check in at the security station with Buck.

You can do the patrols if you want until the shift ends and then go home and sleep in the bed.

Day 4

Go to the second floor and enter into Room 6 and get the key from the wall using the right bumper.

Exit the building and go and talk to Buck once more inside the security room. When Buck leaves, go outside and steal his car using the key you took from his apartment.

While you’re driving away you’ll get into an accident and then a cinematic will play. You’ll end up in a room. Just wait until the the scene fades and you’ll end up in a factory. DO NOT MOVE.

Wait until the cinematic ends and then once the men leave get up and go to your right and talk to Eve. She’ll bump you over and you’ll get knocked out. When you wake up go over to the jacket on the coat rack and take the key from the jacket using the right bumper. Then go into the storage room, use ‘A’ on the Xbox controller (or ‘X’ on the DualShock) to push the storage shelf over and access the vent.


Go into the vent, head to your right, and walk through the next hallway… do not run.

Walk all the way to the right to the elevator door and go inside and then go and hide behind the dumpster using your crouch button; wait for the android to pass and then walk to the control room to your left.

Head into the control room and take the disc, and then go back into the room and open your inventory and drag the disc onto the android who is patrolling around to turn him friendly. Walk over to the far right where there’s a door and have the android open the door. Go inside and there are some bandages located inside the storage unit to the far right of the room. Open your inventory and use the bandages to heal Tom if you’re damaged.

Exit the room, and then exit the Melior building and then head back to the train station. If you want the “Charmer” achievement ignore Eve and go into the train station, head down the stairs and into the subway to complete the first playthrough.

Cowardly Creations’ Uncanny Valley is currently available right now for $9.99 over on the Steam store, along with being available for the home consoles.

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