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1544900cookie-checkUnworthy, Monochromatic 2D Action-RPG Launches On Steam

Unworthy, Monochromatic 2D Action-RPG Launches On Steam

Back on February 25th, 2017, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games brought Unworthy, a 2D action-RPG, to Steam Greenlight. The gamet passed the voting phase of Greenlight and will now release on Steam (not Early Access) on May 29th.

If you’re looking for hardcore combat and unforgiving enemies in a dreary world, you might find Unworthy to be an interesting title. Unworthy follows a nameless, wandering, robbed warrior looking for meaning to life.

Peering deeper into the world and gameplay of Unworthy, your patience, determination, and skill will be put to the test, as you fight against formidable bosses, uncover powerful weapons and abilities, and attempt to prove your worth in a desolate land.

You can get a nice look at the game that was once featured on Greenlight right here, which the new trailer depicting various things you can do in Unworthy comes in courtesy of Aleksandar Kuzmanovic.

Unworthy also sports a skill tree so that you can deal with different foes appropriately. In other words, there’s something to build-on to if you don’t like the skills present in the game.

Speaking of building on to something and utilizing skill… different weapons can be obtained around the game’s world map. These weapons can enhance your playstyle and offer a deadly advantage over the morbid adversaries that lurk the somber fields of despair.

The good news is that if you are dying to play this indie game, you’ll soon be able to given that Unworthy is set to launch on May 29th (or tomorrow) on PC via Steam. It’s also worth noting that the Steam version of the game isn’t a product of Early Access, which means the full version is less than 24 hours away from its debut.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Unworthy by either heading on over to its Steam page or

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