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1545600cookie-checkVampyr Launch Trailer Arrives Ahead Of June 5th Debut

Vampyr Launch Trailer Arrives Ahead Of June 5th Debut

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod are wrapping up the pre-launch promotional campaign for Vampyr by releasing the official PC, PS4, and Xbox One launch trailer that you can watch here.

Vampyr launch trailer explores how Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon in London, and participant in the Great War, was forcibly turned into a vampire against his own will and must live with the lingering sensation of bloodlust to stay alive. Although Dr. Reid is cursed with something he never asked for, the trailer outlines that he can still save others by using his curse to rid the Earth of his adversaries.

If you’ve been following Vampyr, you’ll know that the above trailer touches on nothing new. However, if you happen to be a new follower of this game, you can learn what Focus and Dontnod have in store for you right here.

Firstly, loot-boxes, microtransactions, and DLC will not be the only things excluded from Vampyr. According to a recent tweet by the Vampyr team, the game will not sport any DRM or Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

Secondly, you can alter the overall health of the city’s population by choosing to kill or spare denizens. Each of the four main districts has their own health status gauge, which is affected by the number of dead, sick and healthy citizens in that area. This means all shops, citizen side quests and regular inhabitants in that district will be permanently gone if all citizens succumb to death, wherein those citizens will be replaced by “deadly enemies.”

Thirdly, the best source to gain XP and learn different abilities comes from sucking the blood of London’s citizens. Blood from them offer an advantage across a wide variety of situations, but the drawback is that if you kill too many people they will be replaced as noted above.

Speaking of gameplay, YouTuber MathChief managed to obtain over 30 minutes of raw in-game footage, which features the devs of Vampyr. You can check out the video below and make up your mind whether to wait or pick it up before it launches on June 5th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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