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1426980cookie-checkVoid Destroyer 2, Space Simulator Set To Release This Week On Steam

Void Destroyer 2, Space Simulator Set To Release This Week On Steam

Void Destroyer 2 is the sequel to the former game known as Void Destroyer. The second game seeks to fix a lot of the problems in the first game, while attempting to bring forth new stuff. Iteration 11’s game is expected to come out this Thursday.

Void Destroyer 2 is a game that focuses on space battles, spaceship creation, piloting through different asteroid fields and commanding fleets in an RTS style system. If you are not keen on playing the game overhead in RTS, there’s a 3rd-person mode and 1st-person mode, too.

The dev notes that you will be able to play the game with a mouse or joystick to enjoy different degrees of freedom in Newtonian space. Speaking of flying in space at your will, numerous pre-made ships and customizable ships can be bought or assembled at your base, giving you full control of how any ship looks/operates.

This also affects ship classes like large ships. Not all of them have to be gigantic and slow, but they can be fast, nimble and used for commanding other fleets under your possession.

With that said, the game’s official description sits below.

“All you have is a basic ship, barely fit for combat, with it you’ll start your journey and empire. A space sandbox, inspired by the classics and standing on their shoulders.”

Looking over to how the game looks graphically, It seems to be garnering mixed reactions. I’m not blown away by how the game looks, but at least it looks distinctive and not like any other space game.

If you want to check out a trailer for Void Destroyer and gameplay footage, two videos are up for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Paul Z‘s channel.

I’m not really sure why the dev put down coming soon “Thursday (maybe)”. If the game doesn’t have a stable release date it could just be billed as “Coming 2016”, or “Coming this September”. But, anyways, the game might come out this Thursday over on Early Access. You can learn more about Void Destroyer 2 by heading over to the game’s main site.

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