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1418100cookie-checkVoidrunner, Flight-Combat FPS Entering Closed Beta Soon

Voidrunner, Flight-Combat FPS Entering Closed Beta Soon

A new combat flight, surreal FPS called Voidrunner from RealityArts will be entering into closed beta testing soon on Steam. The game was originally Greenlit some time ago and has been in development ever since. The developers are now prepping to enter the Unreal Engine 4-powered title into closed beta testing in order to finalize development and prep the game for a full launch.

RealityArts’ title looks phenomenal. That’s not even hyperbole or an exaggeration. They really used the Unreal Engine 4 to put together a game that has an all-encompassing, visual gigantic presentation. Words don’t really do this game justice, so feel free to check out the new gameplay trailer below, which highlights some of the graphically stunning effects and worlds that the team has created.

Most people commented that the visuals are great and the effects are absolutely top notch. However, most people also comment that the physics “gave [them] cancer”.

It’s true that the ship motions and physical reactions need a lot of improvement. As some of the commenters pointed out, the ships move as if they have no weight or distributable mass. It gives the impression that gamers are moving around in paper planes with shiny space-age hulls.

The shooting looks okay and the particle effects and explosions are about spot-on. I absolutely love the environment and map designs, but the physics really will need a lot of improvements before Voidrunner can be considered in the upper echelon of space combat games.

On the upside, there’s a lot of promise for the game and if they can manage to iron out the inertia, acceleration and deceleration of the ships to make them feel hefty and weighty during combat, I think they could have a real winner on their hands. It’s a good thing they’re entering the game into closed beta testing to iron these things out.

You can sign up for the beta right now by heading on over to the game’s official website where registration has currently opened up for the public.

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