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1426200cookie-checkVoxel Game Riverbond Set To Arrive For PC And Consoles Next Year

Voxel Game Riverbond Set To Arrive For PC And Consoles Next Year

Cococucumber has taken to the virtual workbench to make their third game. As of now the project goes under the moniker of Riverbond, and is rocking a Minecraft voxel look. The devs noted that Riverbond is set to come out next year for PC and consoles.

Sporting a top-down camera angle, Cococucumber’s Riverbond plays out very close to Haven Made’s Warcube. If you have no idea how both games play out, the former to be exact, sees players assuming the role of a warrior cube that fights very similar to the old SNES Zelda games, except with jumping and a 3D world.

The story of the game revolves around the ever-changing world that bridges the path to “life, death and the great beyond”, which leads to a journey to reconcile the land to its former glory…

“Riverbond has players embark on a journey down an enchanted river to explore an ever-shifting landscape, uncover the truth of a collapsing world, and rebuild the passage that once served as the path between life, death and the great beyond. During their journey players will partake in a brisk single-player campaign filled with exploration, quests, intense melee combat, special abilities and a heroic narrative.”

Hacking, slashing and ground bashing are not only your friends in this game, but are essential moves to clear out incoming foes waiting to break you up into small cubes.

Speaking of breaking things up into small cubes, this game features destructible environments. This spans across trees, objects and other voxel cubes.

If all of the above sounds somewhat interesting, some footage shows the game in action thanks to Cococucumber‘s channel.

The devs previously released a demo that let fans play Riverbond. This took place during PAX West, and lasted from September 2nd, to September 5th.

For more information on Cococucumber’s game, you can head on over to

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