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1417030cookie-checkWake The Dragon: Gritty Top-Down Shooter Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Wake The Dragon: Gritty Top-Down Shooter Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Wake The Dragon is a gritty top-down action shooter that places you in a bloody battle against the Yakuza. Based on the Steam Greenlight page and information on the Kickstarter campaign, it appears that Wake The Dragon is developed by Siberian Digital and Dagestan Technology.

Wake The Dragon is a story about revenge and seeking justice by any means necessary. I think we can all agree that the art style and character designs are both unique and grotesque at the same time. The developers have decided to do things a bit differently from your normal mainstream hero, and in the quote taken from their Kickstarter page down below, they describe that they wanted to break those stereotypes to do something unique.

“Enough cheesy main characters with abs of steel and shiny biceps. A hero must be scarier than an angry dragon. Our main character is a real dragon, and these guys will regret waking him. He possesses great strength and stamina. One bullet won’t be enough to kill him, that’s why enemies will be coming at him in packs. He is fast despite his physical appearance. He is trying to find the answer to why old man Wong was killed, crushing everything that gets in his way and everyone involved.”

Wake The Dragon Combat Gif

The above GIF showcases some of the cool things you can do in the game and how you can interact with the world and other enemies. Wake The Dragon will have a weapon system that will allow you to wield a variety of different weapons in each hand, giving you a unique way to dispatch your enemies using a combination of of either two guns, two melee weapons, or one of each. The developers also say that you will be able to use vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to bulldozers to take the fight to the road, and almost everything in the world will be destructible to allow you to tear it apart with your heavy firepower and vehicles.

The animation is also quite detailed for it to be a top-down shooter. They actually filmed real life people doing the more complex movements, then drew over it to give a smooth animation art style, in a retro, 2D pixel-art world. You can check out the official gameplay trailer that I linked down below to see Wake The Dragon in action.

As mentioned above, Wake The Dragon currently has a Kickstarter campaign running to complete their game, but they are asking for a modest goal of $1,000 USD, with a few stretch goals to add in additional content.

Additionally, they have also launched a Steam Greenlight page, so if you would like to cast your vote you can follow the provided link for to learn more. Wake The Dragon doesn’t currently have a specific date for when the game will be ready, but they do have a 2016 release date listed, so if everything goes as planned you can expect it to hit stores before the year is out.

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