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1422360cookie-checkWar Thunder Update 1.61 “Road To Glory” Improves Graphics And Revisits Older Planes

War Thunder Update 1.61 “Road To Glory” Improves Graphics And Revisits Older Planes

Gaijin Entertainment just released a new update video detailing what’s new in update 1.61 “Road to Glory” for War Thunder. The update not only attempts to balance older planes, but it also adds graphical fixes to both old and new vehicles, while bring a few new war machines. War Thunder is out now for PC and PS4. 

I haven’t played War Thunder in a long time, but with all the new updates and fixes, it does tempt me to want to dust off my planes and tanks and jump back in the air, or ground. But while I contemplate over the updates, 1.61 “Road to Glory” adds a significant amount of changes that look like they will stretch across several vehicles.

Speaking of updating old and semi-new planes and tanks, some new additions join the fray so that folks can fiddle around with them in and outside of battles.

Detailing each new feature would take forever and would be kind of pointless seeing how the video below does just that. However, I will list some of the highlighted/new vehicles making their entry into the game.

Starting off with the F7F-3 Tigercat, which is a better version of the U.S. Navy twin-engine fighter, it comes in with four 20mm guns, and four 12.7mm machine guns to shred down its counterparts. Looking over to the Chrysler company’s 1962 set of work, namely the m60 main battle tank (M60A1), fans will now have a better medium tank to take into battle.

We all know the chunky P-47 series, fast, big, and dangerous. Undergoing thorough changes like any other war machine in the second world war, the P-47N has both an increase in fire-power, and filling out its roll of an escort fighter.

The Nazi German High Caliber Grouch, better known as the Sturmpanzer IV Brumbär, is a self propelled gun on a Pz.IV medium tank chassis. Created to directly (not indirectly) accompany infantry in urban combat, the machine could also destroy fortified structures. So in other words, it’s just a moving and well protected direct Howitzer.

Lastly, the devs are on a quest to update older planes. coming in as no exception, the German Heinkel He 111H-6 is receiving that very update both graphically, and mechanically. This means that if you enjoy flying the generation 1 German bomber plane, it is now buffed.

For more information on this update, you can visit As for the video detailing all of the aforesaid, you can check it out below courtesy of the War Thunder channel.

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