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1438280cookie-checkWarcube Update Details Stealth Moves And Explosive Precision

Warcube Update Details Stealth Moves And Explosive Precision

In another recent update through GIFs, publisher and developer Haven Made has release three animated images covering stealth, precision moves and more explosives. The cube battling simulator is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access this month.

In the last update we covered on this site pertaining to Warcube, it included commanding team-cubes, destructible environments, and explosions. The update was detailed through GIFs to show that new features are in the works, while delivering the update through an easy to digest and bite-sized GIF formula.

This time around is no exception and follows the same rules as of previous updates shown. This update reflects something cool in that there is another dynamic to the game instead of going in swords blazing.

The latest GIF reveals sneaking. You will be able to use bushes and other environmental brushes/stuff to hide and sneak around enemies to take them out without ever alerting surrounding foes.

The GIF is currently playing right now for you to see the new implemented system in action.


The update also mentions that there will be a timer to enemy vision when sneaking so you have a small window of time to move around them, which I think is pretty cool in that it sparks up another kind of play style in the realm of Warcube.

The next update is a bit small, but proves to consume less screen space. Instead of a small circles in place of nearby items the devs show us an outlined ring around interactive objects.


Now I know the name may seem a little confusing, but the game features Precision Moves or Explosive Precision. This function highlights a circular ring around explosive before they blow, letting folks know how to use an explosive whether be it your first time or a vet at the game the indicator helps display the radius of an explosive before it blows.


To be honest I’m really excited to see more of this simple-looking¬† yet complex game. If you are interested too, the game is set to debut sometime this month via Steam Early Access. You can also hit up to learn more.

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