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Warframe: Here’s How To Find Titania In New Silver Grove Quest

Those looking to complete the Silver Grove quest to obtain the newly added Titania frame in Digital Extreme’s game, Warframe, will find some helpful tips in this guide. Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

[Update] A new video by -N00blShowtek- shows the entirety of the Silver Grove quest, and how to get Titania the frame.

Those looking for the new Warframe named Titania, will be able to get her through a certain quest entitled the Silver Grove. This quest line can only be picked up from planetary relays that are still intact.

As of course, whatever respective relay that is still up and going on any of the three platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One) will hold the quest. The Silver Grove can be obtained by going to the West Wing of any relay, which the Syndicate group the New Loka leader should have.

After talking to the New Loka leader and accepting the quest, you will need to get all of the Nightfall Apothic requirements, which is given to you afterwards. The Nightfall Apothic calls for two Morphics, 12 Sunlight Threshcones (found on Earth’s daytime cycle), six Dragon Lilies (found on Earth’s night cycle), and two Dusklight plants (found on Ceres, in pollution puddles).

After scanning each of the said plants with your codex scanner or Cephalon scanner, you will be able to build the Nightfall Apothic. This item will lead you to E Prime on Earth where you will need to search for a Shrine hidden somewhere in said stage.

I should note that this guide will be updated when everything is finalized and set in place, due to the quest sporting a bug that should be addressed soon. However, with the guide steps above and the note that is given to you by the New Loka, you should be able to wing most of the quest if you are not affected by any bugs.

I should also note that the quest requirements may change, so you should keep an eye on the progress of the quest and the new frame. With that said, you can watch her newly posted official trailer below.

As for building requirements, Titania calls for 15,000 Credits, 1,500 Alloy Plates, two Neurodes, 2,500 Polymer Bundle and 700 Circuits for her Neuroptics (or helmet). For her Chassis she needs 15,000 Credits, three Nitain, 3,000 Ferrite, 900 Rubedo and one Tellurium. Her Systems call for 15,000 Credits, one Control Module, 800 Plastids, 2,200 Cryotic and one Tellurium. And her Blueprint requires 25,000 Credits, one Orokin Cell, and one completed Neuroptics, Chassis and Systems.

Lastly, Titania’s Health, Shields and Power stands at 100, while her Armor sits at 65. I should note again that some of the above is up for change due to the quest being in an early stage, which is currently for PC.

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