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Warframe: Here’s How To Unlock Junctions, Secrets Rails And Void Parts

The new update for Warframe, Specters of the Rail, has hit PC and will soon arrive later for console Tenno. For those looking to understand Void Fissures, unlocking Junctions, Secrets Rails, Void Parts, Void Traces, Refinement, the reward set and obtaining all of this in a simple manner, you will learn all of the above and more in this guide. Warframe is out now and is free to play across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

We will start off with Void Fissures. These appear throughout the entire system and stand as a tear in the world of Void energy from Eras past, which occurs in four different tiers. This now coincides with Void Relics that react to Void Fissures to reveal treasures within. Joining the above and bringing them together are Void Traces, which are raw energy that drops in the process of uniting Relics and Fissures. These can be used to help Refine Void Relics to produce more rare rewards in your Orbiter/ship.

Now for the second part. There are things called Reactants that drop in missions and must be used in the Void Fissure sealing process. Refinements will help improve the likelihood of Rare rewards from Void Relics.

Looking over to the third part, there are four distinct eras of the Orokin past, which are split across the stages Lith, Meso, Neo and Axi. This will also manifest through Void Fissures in the Solar Map where you can select a desired planet/stage.

For an example, all of Tower 1 keys are now Lith Era Relics, all of Tower 2 keys are now Meso Era Relics, all of Tower 3 keys are now Meso Era Relics, while all of Tower 4 keys are now Axi Era Relics. Something worth noting, all of your current or existing Tower keys will be converted into either of the four with the same exact amount and will not be terminated.

This now brings us to Void Relics Segments, which can be found on a Junction. These can be used to Refine Void Relics segments. A video below shows Junctions/Secret rails that lead to the Void, thanks to 00McMuffin00.

This new system now erases the need to grind for keys and the same Void missions over and over, but instead to focus on that item that you desire to get by going around planets one would rather choose to skip.

This now brings us to explain what Void Relics are, and how to obtain them. Projections are similar to Void keys in the sense that they are manipulated to obtain Prime parts. You can acquire Void Relics by playing through certain regular mission types like endless missions and so on. In addition, Void Relics are not restricted to Towers and precise missions the way Void Keys used to be. This means that all Void keys of a particular Tower level will be converted into Void Relics of similar reward levels.

This brings us to using Void Relics. Using Void Relics proceed into a corresponding Void Fissure mission for the Void Relic you want to use. You can simply view the Void Fissure missions from the HUD panel in the upper right hand corner. However, normal Void missions will still be in place and can be played through the Solar chart and will no longer require keys, but they won’t work for Void Relics unless they are designated Void Fissures.

warframe 6

This now brings us to another part, the rewards and Relics. Once inside a mission, the player will have to find the tear and seal it. If you need a good look at the tear and how it looks, you can check it out below.

warframe 8

Once the Fissure has been successfully sealed, head to the extraction point and you will receive your reward.

Furthermore, the key sharing will not be the same as players once remembered. Now, the new system has it where every squad member with a Void Relic in their inventory will get to select a reward based on the result of their Relics. This has a chance to duplicate or scale up to four rewards, meaning that you will be able to select from any of the Void Relics that were used by your teammates for the mission.

If more than half the squad chooses your reward you will gain bonus Void Traces. This means that only one player with a Relic will be able to select a reward. However, if the Fissure is not sealed or never activated, your Relic will stay and will not be used.

Folks will learn that Void Traces also sport their merits too. These Traces can be used to upgrade Void Relics to higher tiers for a chance of getting better rewards. A new terminal within your Landing craft will allow you to convert 25, 50 or 100 Void Traces to upgrade a Void Relic. Like most games, Void Traces in your inventory will be limited to 100. They can also be used to craft Dragon keys, too.

warframe 9

Lastly, you can get bonus Void Traces from allies who picked from your Void Relic reward, which will also drop within Void Fissure missions. To sum up all the above up, YouTuber Quite Shallow has a video below explaining the various parts to the new system.

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