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Warhalla, Arena Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Entering the courts of Steam Greenlight comes the very light and goofy game Warhalla. The arena game sees 10 players battling each other for total domination, while trying to obtain Thor’s mighty hammer to turn into Thor’s champion. The arena game is currently seeking votes on the platform, and will be available for PC if it’s successful.

I personally don’t like arena shooters, but seeing how well crafted this game is and how much thought the devs put into Warhalla just for the small indie project to end up on Steam Greenlight goes to show how much dedications they’re putting into the game.

Additionally, the team took their mostly finished game to Greenlight to get some help, but also posted up some trailers and screenshots showing not only what they’ve finished so far but also how it operates during actual gameplay.

Before showing the videos you can read the official description for Warhalla…

“Surpass your rivals with ridiculous Viking weapons and become Thor’s chosen one! Once you’ve proven to be the fiercest Viking of the tournament you will become the ultimate boss for the other players wielding the hammer of Thor himself! It’s either you or the other 9 players!”

Actual gameplay can be seen below, which is tagged along with a dev explaining what to expect from the game as it stands now and in the future. The two videos come in by Warhalla and ooParanoia.

If you are into third-person shooter games and like brawling other players in an arena with goofy looking characters, Warhalla might be something worth checking out, which you can by hitting up their Closed Alpha page.

As of now the game is currently up on Steam Greenlight if you want to vote for you it, but if you want to learn more you can hit up the devs Twitter or Facebook page until a working website pops-up.

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