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1429740cookie-checkWarshift, Hybrid RTS-Vehicular Shooter Game Launches On Steam

Warshift, Hybrid RTS-Vehicular Shooter Game Launches On Steam

Cyril Megem’s Warshift has graduated from Early Access and officially launched on Steam for $19.99. For the first week of being on sale you can grab the game for 50% off for only $9.99.

The indie title doesn’t look indie at all, in fact it looks like a professionally made action-RTS from a mid-budget studio. Players take on the role of a commander battling against an enemy force on a resource-rich planet. Just like Command & Conquer or Planetary Annihilation, it’s up to players to build bases, manufacture vehicles and attempt to thwart the alien menace.

The hook for Warshift is in the ability to shift your perspective during the war from commander to combatant. You can hop down into any of the vehicles you produce and manually take the fight to the enemy in third-person, action-oriented, real-time combat.

The concept may be difficult for players to grasp at first but there’s a gameplay video showing a quick skirmish match where you can see how the gameplay seamlessly transitions from the commander mode down to the action mode.

Gameplay wise there’s a lot more there than what one would expect from a one-man-band operation attempting to create a large-scale RTS action title.

Most impressive to me is the exhaustive list of upgrades and modules that players can acquire to outfit and fix up their units with. It’s designed to add a layer of depth to the gameplay and give players something to fight for throughout the campaign. It’s possible to add up to five weapons and up to five upgrades to some units, as well as being able to scavenge and shop for new gear as you progress through the game.

There’s also a multiplayer mode made available along with space battles, mech fights and even underwater combat. You can learn more about Warshift by paying a visit to the game’s Steam store page or you can give in to your inner action-RTS desires and pick up a digital copy.

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