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1424870cookie-checkWatch Dogs 2 Video Reveals 700 Clothing Items, Side-Missions And Selfies

Watch Dogs 2 Video Reveals 700 Clothing Items, Side-Missions And Selfies

Ubisoft released a new video for Watch Dogs 2 ahead of the game’s release. The pre-alpha build was running on the PS4 and Ubisoft showed off the clothing customization, some of the side-missions and an open-world co-op mission.

You can check out the video below, which was recently posted up on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel. You can check out the video below.

You can now use the L1 button (or left bumper) to tap it and do a quick hack on an item. So instead of just holding down Square or the ‘X’ button to hack everything, you now have options in how you hack things. Holding down the left bumper will give you a detailed menu of different ways to hack an item and different options to manipulate. There’s still the Square button that will give you the ability to hack stuff quickly, but there’s now a lot more options available depending on what you’re hacking.

Mini-games and quests are now relegated to discovery instead of just having side-quests appear on the map. This is pretty cool because I absolutely adore open world games that reward players for discovery and being able to examine the map and find things that aren’t always pointed out in obvious ways. Too many games these days have become hand-holding tourist games where you basically just play through a game that plays itself. Ubisoft will be rewarding players for hacking NPCs and uncovering quests littered about the Bay area.

Another thing they highlight in the video is clothing items and customization. There are 700 clothing items scattered across the Bay area, with each shop around the city offering players something different from the next shop over. It’s similar to Saints Row or the GTA games as far as clothing options are concerned.

The main progression mechanic in the game is done using followers. Using the growth of social media followers will enable players to take on larger quests and missions.

The game actually looks pretty cool, and the Bounty Hunt mode seems like it could be both annoying and really fun.

You can look for Watch Dogs 2 to launch on November 15th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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