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1424910cookie-checkWeekly Famitsu Reveals Online Features For Persona 5

Weekly Famitsu Reveals Online Features For Persona 5

The Weekly Famitsu has published a new piece regarding Atlus’ Persona 5. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers revealing anything about the game, but online and network support that allows other players to help you out. This feature will not change the story’s outcome, and is said to play a vital part when teammates are unable to battle. Persona 5 is set to debut next year on February 14th, for PS3 and PS4.

Taking a look over to the Weekly Famitsu [via Siliconera], the publication released some information regarding Persona 5 and its online capabilities. Some of the features noted by the Weekly Famitsu explain that the story will not be affected by some of these online features, as well as posing to be helpful in tough situations.

Phantom Thieves Alliance

According to the site, folks can expect to enjoy Persona 5 even more by using the online network. Whether fans plan to use this feature or not the overall story will stay the same.

Online Support In Battles

In battles, your teammates can be taken hostage when they are knocked out. However, using the Phantom Thieves Alliance you can receive help from other players — if demand for an item or negations fails.

Alertness Meter

When traveling to certain locations, you can sound off alarms if you are not stealthy. This will hamper your progression in moving forward, and will call for learning patterns and being stealthy. This can be altered with the Phantom Thieves Alliance and will make the process that much easier.

Daily Parts

I bet you know that feeling when getting stuck in a game and having to go online to find a walkthrough as to how to get passed a certain part? Well, although this method still requires you to go online, you don’t have to quit the game to gain more information on the part stifling you. You will be able to check what other players did on that part, which is also coupled by a survey for everyone’s answer percentage for questions during class.

p5 game 2

But, that’s about it regarding the Phantom Thieves Alliance and online support. I’m sure more information will follow shortly afterwards pertaining to Persona 5. As of now, fans will have to wait until next year to play Atlus’ fifth installment in the Persona series.

For more information on Phantom Thieves Alliance and the online support, you can head on over to Weekly Famitsu.

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