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Wolfenstein 2 The Deeds Of Captain Wilkins Gameplay Walkthrough

Machine Games and Bethesda released the final DLC chapter for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, rounding out the trilogy of side-stories for the first-person shooter on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The first two DLC releases focused on Agent Silent Death and Joseph Stallion. The third DLC finally puts players in the role of a real American hero, Captain Wilkins. Even though the American army failed to stop the Nazi invasion of the good ‘ole U.S., of A., it didn’t stop the fighting spirit of Captain Wilkins and his men.

In addition to this, Captain Wilkins is the real hero of Wolfenstein II… he’s an all American, straight-white male; he loves guns and he loves killing Nazis. Most importantly, Captain Wilkins is no friend to Communists, unlike B.J.

The story picks up a decade after the initial war ended, and Wilkins receives word about a powerful, secret Nazi experiment taking place in Alaska. He manages to commandeer German-made walker stilts and infiltrate the Nazi base in Alaska. YouTuber Game Intros & Finales has the complete DLC walkthrough that you can check out below.

You start in the docking bay, sneaking in from the water.

You can use the boots to reach the command station and the weapons locker where you can equip plenty of heavy armament.

Two German soldiers will be just outside the room – you can wait for them to finish their conversation and then stab them in the back, as if an honorable fight has no value to you.

Wolfenstein 2 - Deeds of Captain Wilkins - Napalm

There’s a German in the mech suit below. You can get the drop on him by blasting the red barrels and lighting him up until he falls dead faster than a Baltic herring dropped in the Sahara desert.

Head down to the platform to collect the weapons and then make your way up to the platform across the docking bay and there’s an air vent you’ll need to crawl through.

Wolfenstein 2 - Deeds of Captain Wilkins Air Vent

You can actually move through the next area stealthily by using the silenced pistol. Snag some headshots and proceed up the stairs to the second floor where the Nazi commander is located.

Head across the ramp and you’ll need to unhook another air lock and move through the vent.

Alternatively, you can run through the area guns-a-blazin’, but it’s actually faster doing it stealthily.

Continue to proceed through the vent.

You can stealthily take out the patrols just outside the air vent if you want to maintain your silence.


Proceed to the second floor to take out the second Nazi commander.

Once you take him out, you’ll need to pick up the plans on the planning table marked “Classified” to receive your next target.

Proceed through the base toward the exit door to take out the remaining soldiers on your way out of the base.


Make your way into the elevator through the service accessway and head up to the next floor.

There are quite a few heavily armored Nazi soldiers in the area, so be sure to take them out.

Use the stilts to get on top of the truck and then use them again to get on top of the railing and proceed to make your way through the ruined office building.

There are a few more miniature Nazi mechs in the warehouse area. So you’ll have to tactically take them out by keeping your distance and blasting them down from afar.

Wolfenstein 2 - Deeds of Captain Wilkins - Nazi Plans

After a short cinematic, move through the station and take out the guards. You can use the silencer to take out the humans but there are robot patrols later on along with two Nazi commander signals that you’ll have to silence. Both the commanders are located on the upper levels. You can either use the stairs to get up there or use the stilts. However, if you use the stilts try to avoid going up right in front of the Nazi patrols, unless you don’t mind the alarms blaring and all of the guards being alerted.

Once you kill both the commanders proceed through the control station and Jenny will inform you to move toward the alpha station to aim the turret at the cannon and destroy it.


Continue through the hall and take out the Nazi patrols on the second level of the room.

There’s an air vent you’ll need to go through on the second level of the room. Head through to get to the other side of the facility where a train runs through a small station.

You can actually take out most of the guards stealthily in this segment.

You’ll find the two commanders located inside the sub station platforms, along with plenty of other guards. Go over to the control panel and flip the switch.

Head across the platform into Sector 2 to acquire a miniature grenade launcher.

Once you get done killing the Nazi mechs, there’s an air vent in the back of the room of Sector 2 – you’ll need to climb up on the boxes to reach the vent. Head through and kill the guards and then hop down to the lower platform. Exit the maintenance room and move through the hallway to locate the second turret station. Rotate the gun around – however, before you can destroy the cannon Clive Cross will reveal to Captain Wilkins that he’s actually a super spy for the Germans!


That traitor!

Kill the Germans, move through the open door and proceed through the facility where the missile trolly is located.

Make your way through the loading bay doors with the missile payload and take out the German soldiers along the way. Kill them with all the righteous fury that only a trigger-happy American can dispense, and leave the blood of the invaders everywhere but inside their bodies.

Once you clear out the room, sabotage the missile and then use the stilts to get to the second level. Go into the control room to activate the missile.

Captain Wilkins will kill his best friend Clive Cross and also discover that Jenny is actually the daughter of his dead sweetheart, Henrietta.


Captain Wilkins now has a real fight on his hands, and vows to kill every single Nazi scumbag in his warpath of unbridled destruction.

Head through the sub and kill everything in sight.

It turns out Jenny is more of a pacifist than her father. You don’t have to listen to her, though. Unlike B.J. Blazkowics, Captain Wilkins is a real man, and he doesn’t have to team up with bloody Communists to make mince meat of the Nazi invaders. He just unloads a magazine full of lead into his foes like a Chinese kid unloading no. 2 pencil lead into paper while taking tests all day long.

Proceed through the air vent and make your way through the facility, killing the interlopers of freedom.

You’ll find a maintenance hatch and use the stilts to go up through the air vents to reach the upper levels.

Unlock the hatch to the vent and proceed through the corridor to make your way through the barracks.


You’ll need to kill all the soldiers in your pathway and head toward the Nazi commander signals.

Proceed through the vents that lead toward the mess hall and take out the soldiers and the scientists.

If you use the air ducts you can kill tons of Nazis from overhead without ever stepping foot on the ground.

Once you get done wiping them all out, take the elevator up to the bridge.

After a short cinematic you’ll have the option to kill the commander and commandeer the submarine.

The DLC ends with Captain Wilkins and his daughter Jenny noting that they still have a job to do and that the sun gun still needs to be dismantled.

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