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Wonder Woman Final Trailer Is Serviceable Enough

Warner Bros., released the final promotional trailer for Wonder Woman ahead of release this June. The two minute and 45 second trailer recounts a lot of the footage we’ve already seen, aiming to lure moviegoers in for the final promotional push towards its theatrical run.

The trailer covers all the necessary narrative beats, including Diana’s mother forbidding her from going to the world of men, and Diana’s insistence on helping people when millions of lives could be at stake. The trailer does a fine enough job of balancing between action and story, while focusing on the team-up Diana has with the pilot, Steve.

The trailer was serviceable in its job of being entertaining and informative as to what the movie is about.

It doesn’t look remarkable or as some statutory statement of brilliant filmmaking… but it looks serviceable.

It’s a little hard to get thoroughly excited after watching, rewatching and watching that Blade Runner 2049 trailer again, and again. There was so much to glean from such little footage, but so much of it was poignant, and seemed to be everything that the new Ghost in the Shell lacked… or everything that it should have been.

On a positive note, Wonder Woman’s trailers have been astute enough to avoid diving into alienating its sci-fi and comic book fanbase with any heavy feminist themes. The marketing team seems to realize that attacking or demonizing its fans is a quick way to losing butts in seats when the movie finally hits theaters. In a way, it almost feels like Warner Bros., is walking a fine tightrope when it comes to promoting the film, because they desperately need a critical and commercial hit to make up for the big budget superhero failures they’ve been producing lately when it comes to review scores and feedback.

Wonder Woman could definitely be a toss up in terms of how good it is; but just like the trailer, I’m expecting something to be entertaining on a serviceable level.

The only thing the final trailer was missing was that absolutely awesome theme song put together by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL and Tina Guo. That is easily one of the best superhero theme songs I’ve ever heard. In case you don’t know what it is, grab a listen below.

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