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1540910cookie-checkWorld Of Tennis: Roaring ’20s Takes An Alternate Approach To The Popular Era

World Of Tennis: Roaring ’20s Takes An Alternate Approach To The Popular Era

While certain cities boomed, certain people suffered, certain industries grew, and social change was afoot, other parts of the world was going into or coming out of a war, and America was going through renaissance of awakening during the 1920s. Developer Helium9 Games decided to rewrite aspects of the 1920s in America in order to be more “inclusive” for their mobile tennis game, World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s.

The game is set during the burgeoning era of America in the 1920s, set across a unique landscape of different locations and courts spread across the United States of America. Clay courts, grass courts, rooftop courts, and country club courts make a wide assortment of locations you’ll be able to visit during a single-player career mode or when taking on other players in the online multiplayer modes.

Surprisingly the game seems to have its motif down to a ‘T’, complete with rip-roaring big band tunes and trumpet-led horn ensembles to round out the epoch-entrenched soundtrack. The trailer gives you a nice a little taste of what to expect.

The gameplay is a solid showcase of generic volley-based tennis. We see lobs, backhands, forehands, and serves. There are no power-ups to collect or use on the court, and you can select from the roster of characters and customize their shirt, shoes, and pants.

But beyond the gameplay features it’s time to address the elephant in the room: how the heck can you make a game about the 1920s and feature an interracial pairing on the cover?

During the era of the Jim Crow laws it was forbidden in some states, illegal in others, and a potential cause for death in a few more. I’m trying to figure out why Helium9 thought it would be a good idea to reinterpret the era by pretending blacks and whites could play together? A more accurate simulation would have been separating the men and women, and then maybe letting the non-whites play on the lesser courts in the less prestigious areas.

I mean, Helium9 did so well covering all the other historical aspects of the game’s visual presentation with a measure of accuracy, it would have seemed like the most obvious thing about the game would have remained accurate to the era as well. It’s completely immersion-breaking otherwise.

Anyway, if you want to play World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s, you can do so by grabbing a copy from the Google Play store or the iTunes App Store when it unlocks on May 16th, along with the Windows 10 version. For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official website.

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