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1424160cookie-checkWW2 FPS Game Battalion 1944 Coming Soon To PC Via Steam Early Access

WW2 FPS Game Battalion 1944 Coming Soon To PC Via Steam Early Access

Bulkhead Interactive just posted up an update page on their main site to announce that the WW2 FPS game, Battalion 1944, is “Coming Soon” to PC via Steam Early Access. The first-person shooter will also head to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the future, which seeks to bring the old WW2 Call of Duty-style multiplayer deathmatch back.

According to Bulkhead Interactive, the team seems to be hell bent on bringing back that old feeling of boots on the ground WW2 deathmatch atmosphere, and looks like they will do so with their upcoming multiplayer-based 1944 game:

“Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic competitive multiplayer shooters and propels World War 2 into the next generation.”

The above note comes from the newly posted Early Access page on Steam, which is followed by more information on the team’s actual site.

Before jumping into the new info, I do have to say that the game looks mighty interesting, which should come in as no surprise given that I love WW2 FPS games. Some things in particular that I really like in the game are the weapon customization for each gun, and clothes becoming weathered to indicate veteran players vs. newcomers.

Anyways, back to the update. The team posted up a note detailing what they are up to, and how Battalion 1944 officially sports its very own Steam page:

“We are working hard every day to make the best game we can! Especially for you guys who are making this happen. Therefore we have great¬†news!”


“The Official Battalion 1944 Steam page has launched so go check it out and read a little about Battalion 1944. More importantly we encourage all of you to add Battalion to your Steam Wishlist. That way you will be sure to be the very first to find out when it’s launched! “

But that’s not all, the team also posted up in-engine footage of one of my favorite guns in games, the 30-06 M1 Garand. Portraying all of its glory and beauty, you can check out the trailer that comes in courtesy of Bulkhead Interactive‘s YouTube channel.

As of now, the game has no set release date, but I’m sure the devs will address that soon seeing how it is now labeled under “Coming Soon”. As for its console variants, they are said to drop after the PC version comes out, although that may change in the future.

For more information on the game, you can read both blog posts (Steam Announcement and M1 Garand In-Engine) the devs put up on their main site. And if that’s not enough, you can look over the newly posted Battalion 1944 Steam page for more info.

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