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WWE 2K17 Video Features All The Women Entrances

The WWE women wrestlers, formerly known as “Divas”, have been put under the spotlight in the latest video to arrive ahead of the official release of WWE 2K17. The video spans close to half an hour covering each of the female entrances in Yukes and 2K Games’ upcoming WWE wrestling title.

YouTuber DenkOps put together the video ahead of the release, whetting the appetites of gamers who absolutely cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming wrestling title. You can check out the video below.

The video starts with an entrance by Alexa Bliss.

Honestly? It looks nothing like Alexa Bliss, and the appeal and charm of the feisty little Smackdown minx is completely lost in her translation into WWE 2K17. It’s also a shame they couldn’t have captured her new Harley Quinn getup from the Suicide Squad movie. It really adds a lot of character to her depiction on the roster.

They also showcase Alicia Fox, who actually does look a little like her real life counterpart. They show legendary female wrestlers like Alundra Blayze from the bygone era of WWE. We get to see the new generation superstar Asuka, the NXT Women’s Champion who has tearing through the NXT roster like an absolute beast.

Credit where credit is due, they actually did a really good job capturing Asuka’s unorthodox look and design. They even managed to capture a bit of that crazy look in her eye.

WWE 2K17 - Bayley

The video moves on to showcase Bayley, who is probably one of the best looking in-game 3D models they have. Her model, in fact, breaches into uncanny valley territory, which is an impressive feat by Visual Concepts.

Her entrance looks awesome and they did a really good job with her. The only minor criticism is that her boob physics are kind of goofy looking and the lack of the crowd singing along with her theme really takes away from the overall pageantry of the entrance.

Becky Lynch is showcased next and I gotta say… they did a terrible job with Becky. Her outfit looks good and her music is captured well, but her face is all kinds of fail.

Brie Bella, on the other hand, looks eerily realistic. They managed to get her facial structure down perfectly.

WWE 2K17 - Brie Bella

Carmella’s entrance is ridiculous. It highlights how outdated Yukes’ boob physics really are given how awkward the bounce is… it’s like PSX levels of bad. Yukes needs to take some tips from Marvelous Entertainment or Team Ninja to improve the quality of the bounce for crying out loud.

Charlotte is another one that didn’t seem to get a whole lot of love when it came to her facial capture, and Dana Brooke’s awful hair clipping detracts greatly from an otherwise decent body mesh and a cool outfit scan.

Emma is another character with awful hair clipping but they did a good job with the lighting on her normal mapping for her body. Her face is another story.

You can tell the developers definitely liked Eva Marie. Good goodness, they gave that woman a lot of tender time and attention.

WWE 2K17 - Eva Marie

The crowd reaction seems about right, too.

I can’t remember the last time a female wrestler drew the kind of natural heat that Eva Marie draws.

Lita looks okay, but they did a pretty awful job with Naomi. It’s also really disappointing that she doesn’t have her newest entrance with the glowing outfit and the updated “Amazing” theme. She has okay moves and botches a little more often than she should, but she’s got one of the best entrances in the WWE.

Now Yukes and Visual Concepts did a great job capturing the physical likeness of Natalya, especially her outfit and physique. Her face looks a little weird, though.

Surprisingly, Nia Jax is one of the best looking captures they have in the game. Her outfit looks amazing and her face is almost pitch perfect.

WWE 2K17 - Nia Jax

Shocked, I tell you… utterly shocked.

Weirdly, Nikki Bella’s body seems to have made the transition from real life to the 3D world in strikingly good fashion, but her face didn’t really seem to make the transition so great.

Paige is also a bit of a mixed bag. Her outfit, thematic presentation and face look okay, but the hair clipping is atrocious, to put it mildly.

The team appears to have recovered a bit with Sasha “The Boss” Banks.

Stephanie McMahon actually looks pretty good in the game, but there’s a weird “dead-eye” effect going on that makes her face look really creepy.

Summer Rae is also in the game but wow did they not show Danielle Moinet any love whatsoever. Her face, her body, her ring attire… it looks like an upscaled, recycled asset from the PS3.

The last on the list is Trish Stratus… which was a surprise to see. They actually did a decently adequate job on Trish. Her hair is lousy but her face, her outfit and proportions look great.

You can look for WWE 2K17 to launch on October 11th for the last gen consoles and the current gen consoles.

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