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1436040cookie-checkXbox One Update Improves Download Speeds By 80%

Xbox One Update Improves Download Speeds By 80%

Microsoft recently updated the Xbox One’s OS a few days ago, bringing it up to version 10.0.14393.2152. The latest revision adds a number of nifty upgrades for the home console, including upgraded optimizations for game downloads. They’ve removed some issues with intermittent connectivity for apps and games downloading in the background while you play.

The changelog also reveals improvements for wireless controller support, and improved performance when using the music app to play background music while you play. This follows up on the other improvements including improving download speeds for gamers with 100Mbps connections, speeding up game downloads by over 80%. Those of you with connections under 100Mbps will see download improvement gains of 40%.

The updates arrive in line with the free backwards compatible offering of Lost Odyssey, which is perfect timing because it means that gamers will be able to download the Xbox 360 classic a lot faster than usual.

Microsoft has been trying pretty hard and pretty desperately to recoup the lost image of the Xbox brand. Phil Spencer has been putting in the work with the rest of the Xbox team to actually add things gamers want and improve the overall compatibility of the console with features that make it a must-own system.

Right now I would say that the Xbox One S definitely looks like the better buy over the PS4, especially considering that the backwards compatibility adds a ton of value to the system. Unfortunately Sony just has PS Now as their alternative and it’s a costly venture, especially when you consider that Comcast just added new 1TB datacaps on customers, so cloud streaming is not really a viable option if you’re trying to cut down on costs.

Anyway the new system update for the Xbox One is available right now and you should see some major improvements with game downloads if you have a very high-speed internet connection.

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