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1453450cookie-checkXbox One X Launches November 7th For $499.99

Xbox One X Launches November 7th For $499.99

A lot of gamers have been waiting for the pricing and launch date for Project Scorpio. Well, Microsoft revealed that the Project Scorpio is actually called the Xbox One X and it will launch on November 7th for $499.99.

Yes, it’s the same price as when the Xbox One launched back in 2013 with Kinect for $499.99. The major difference is that this time the Xbox One X is coming at the curve instead of behind the curve.

There will be 40 new exclusives coming to Xbox platforms and 22 of them will be console exclusive. One of the exclusives will be Crackdown 3, which is due for release on November 17th later this year.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One X is not only the most powerful home console but also the smallest Xbox console they’ve developed to date.

The system is actually smaller than the Xbox One S, despite being extremely powerful.

One of the selling points is that the console will continue to use all of the previous accessories and peripherals available on the Xbox One and Xbox One S, including the very impressive Xbox Elite Controller.

All games will also be backwards compatible with the Xbox One X as well, meaning all of your current Xbox One library will play on the XBOX (clever acronym there Microsoft… avoids the issue the Xbone suffered from). In addition to that there’s also the ability to play Xbox 360 and OG Xbox backwards compatible titles as well.

Branding and marketing is going to be a really big issue because Xbox One X sure does look similar to Xbox One S, and a lot of casuals out there are too stupid to tell the difference between the two. That’s not to mention that the Xbox One X looks a heck of lot like a slimmer version of the Xbox One S.

Then again, if it’s only available in limited supplies and sold as more of a premium upgrade as opposed to their mainline console, then they may be all right.

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